Critical Road Infrastructure Safety

Integrated solution for highways, bridges, and tunnels infrastructure security

Transport risks are caused primarily by the high level of emergencies, due to the following:

  • Road accident rate and severity of accident consequences
  • Decrease in labor safety and labor discipline at the transport infrastructure
  • Acts of criminal wrongdoing, including terrorist threat, committed using vehicles
  • detecting potentially dangerous situations in real-time
  • improving the efficiency of work and interaction with internal security services and specialized state agencies
  • informing citizens about incidents and facilitating prompt mitigation
  • compiling the video archive to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance system based on the SecurOS video management platform provides an effective centralized 24×7 situational monitoring of local or territorially distributed road infrastructures:

  • junctions entries and exits
  • spans and other units of bridges and tunnels
  • under-bridge areas, including perimeter
  • technological passages and entrances to engineering spaces
  • general infrastructure and utilities
  • remedial maintenance areas
  • pedestrian crossings
  • pedestrian overpasses and underpasses

Integration Interfaces and System Automation

SecurOS APIs/SDKs provide seamless interoperability with third-party systems, i.e. ACS, fire alarm, other control devices and software to enhance the security system functionality and to ensure advanced control.

SecurOS flexible native APIs provide more options, expand the capabilities of the security system and permit to configure any security system component as per customer requests.

Monitoring and Control Center

SecurOS MCC supports building of monitoring centers to improve situational awareness and management efficiency on geographically diverse sites. SecurOS MCC Operators are able to assess the situation throughout the road network, process real time events and incidents, trigger the response procedures and oversee their implementation.

Situational Awareness Video Analytics

SecurOS Computer Vision transforms video surveillance system from passive monitoring tool to proactive detection system, allowing faster and more effective responses to potential security threats or safety incidents, as they emerge:

  • people approaching bridge piers
  • people in restricted areas
  • objects left behind
  • driving in opposite (wrong) direction or parking in restricted area, which may cause an accident, etc.

Service Analytics

SecurOS Camera Health detectors provide automated hardware operability monitoring and alarm operators of camera faults. Whether the camera is covered or redirected, if the connection is interrupted, or if the image quality has decreased, the system will inform the operator about its status. The use of SecurOS Camera Health detectors facilitates hardware maintenance, which is very significant when managing vast and/or geographically distributed sites.

Event Management

SecurOS supports alarm and notification toolset and provides interoperability with third-party systems, i.e. external emergency service processing centers (such as First Responders, etc.).

The SecurOS Emergency Service Module designed to support security system operators, to check the status of event of security threat and to forward data about incident to external emergency service processing center without delay.

The SecurOS Emergency Service Module aggregates alarms from video analytics modules, detectors and other security system elements. The SecurOS operator has the ability to review relevant video. Then the operator creates the report by completing prefilled Emergency Ticket form, that already includes prefilled data -the address, time and the type of the incident – and adds comments if necessary. Finally, the Operator forwards the Ticket to third-party system as a package of metadata, which additionally includes URLs to access SecurOS video archive from the external monitoring and processing center.


ISS highway solution architecture
ISS highway solution architecture

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