Railroad Security

ISS Advanced Railroad Integrated Security System

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd has great competences as a developer of powerful security solutions for railroad industry. ISS offers dependable, rail-specific tailored solutions for

  • freight yards: weighing and sorting stations, rail yards, inspection and maintenance yards
  • railway stations (station buildings), passenger platforms
  • railways, railway crossings, etc.

Key Targets

  1. Improvement of situational awareness both standalone site and distributed railroad infrastructures
  2. Rapid response to emergencies through monitoring and inspection routines automation
  3. Improvement in efficiency and interaction between internal security services and external agencies or contractors
  4. Compiling the video evidence to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities

Solution Structure

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance system based on SecurOS VMS provides an efficient consolidated 24×7 situational monitoring of standalone or territorially distributed railroad infrastructures.

SecurOS enables to launch a powerful security system, integrates video surveillance and video analytics with Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, and others 3rd-party devices and systems into a complete solution.

Video Surveillance for high-protection sites

The high-integrity SecurOS IVS NVR Industrial Astra video server is a professional solution based on the specialized SecurOS Astra software. SecurOS Astra is compatible with the Astra Linux Special Edition OS which ensures «top secret» level data protection. SecurOS Astra ensures the absence of unpublished features, «bookmarks» that is common occurrence for any operating systems with spyware.

SecurOS Monitoring and Control  Center

The SecurOS MCC designed for active consolidate monitoring of distributed railroad infrastructures. The MCC operators receive real-time events and alarms from remote security systems, timely notify external services and contractors.

SecurOS Video Analytics

SecurOS Video Analytic modules and detectors provide automation of various monitoring processes. It minimizes the influence of the human factor, i.e. errors during continuous monitoring or decision-making process. SecurOS Video Analytic is a toolkit that detects emergencies automatically, helps reducing risk of incident or avoiding it.

Situational Awareness Video Analytics

SecurOS Computer Vision detectors provide automatic alarm events registration, crucial for public places monitoring, i.e. concourses, platforms, pedestrian crossings and bridges. They used to detect people in restricted or prohibited areas, people and objects located on railway tracks, objects left behind, etc.

Train Carriage Character Recognition System

SecurOS Transit is an Intelligent Video Analytic Module that provides Character Recognition of carriages, tankers, and platforms on trains. SecurOS Transit is a powerful tool for railway vehicles registration at the shunting-yards and customs terminals, and for the supervising of containers and deliveries to enterprises, storehouses, etc. It enables an efficient supervising of railway transportation and helps to address the multifaceted challenges such as:

  • remote monitoring of the cargo integrity and cargo location on train platforms
  • train carriage external inspection
  • technological operations control, including checkpoints passage
  • loading control for freight cars (gondola cars, platforms) to comply with load-carrying capacity

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