Advanced Metro Security System

Integrated solution for subway passenger safety and infrastructure security

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd solution provides creating the powerful security system, integrates video surveillance and video analytics with fire alarm, burglar alarm, access control systems, and others devices and third-party systems into complete solution. It aims to ensure stable and safe maintenance of the metro infrastructure and to meet specific requirements of each facility and control area with regard to security.

  1. Improvement of situational awareness on the Metro territory
  2. Rapid response to emergencies through automation of monitoring and control routine processes
  3. Improvement in efficiency and interaction between metro security services and specialized government agencies

Key targets

ISS solutions are developed and implemented to satisfy the ongoing Metro service and security improvement policy, in particular:

  • to ensure steady and safe metro infrastructure functioning
  • to improve transportation safety and passengers and personnel security in a hazardous environment: natural or man-caused emergencies, acts of criminal wrongdoing, including terrorist threat
  • to maintain law and order on the Metro territory
  • to detect potentially dangerous situations real-time
  • to improve the efficiency of work and interaction of internal Metro services and specialized agencies
  • to inform citizens about the occurred incidents and to facilitate

Solution Structure


SecurOS designed for the integrated monitoring of all major infrastructure areas: entrances and halls, ticket offices, turnstiles, escalators, platforms and stations, tracks, technological areas, etc. SecurOS ensures global real-time on-site control, recording of video, interaction with 3rd-party components and management of distributed security system.


Video surveillance based on SecurOS provides transport security in subway cars. SecurOS integration platform that ties together ISS native video analytics with fire alarm, sound notification, passenger communication units (PCU), Radio-Chemical censors, electronic boards, etc. ensures effective on-the-run control, pro-active event management, passenger security and equipment protection.

Situations require special attention in case of

  • detected public disorder, including aggressive behavior, vandalism, panhandling, peddling
  • detected unattended objects (to eliminate terrorist threat), etc


Passenger security is a priority task under the national programs for ensuring the population security in transport. SecurOS MCC is a perfect tool to improve real-time monitoring of major metro infrastructure facilities.

The SecurOS MCC Operators are able to assess the situation on sites, receive real-time information about incidents and alarm security services.

The SecurOS IVS VideoWall is an optional SecurOS MCC component designed to display unified information, to improve situational monitoring and to manage the work of specialized services in dealing with incidents.

SecurOS supports 2D/3D maps – interactive layouts that are components of the metro security system – designed to visualize and virtually navigate the area to efficiently manage a distributed complex of CCTV, ACS, fire alarm, radiation and chemical sensors, etc.

Security system automation

The SecurOS APIs provide automation of video monitoring processes to provide proactive incident management. It allows for a more streamlined workflow and minimizes the influence of routine tasks and abundance of information on human decision-making.

Increasing of situational awareness

SecurOS Computer Vision detectors ensure automated incident monitoring to prevent security violations:

  • people who intersect the perimeter of a restricted area or a control line
  • large groups of people in open areas and premises providing an early warning of public unrest and disorder.
  • people / objects on railroad tracks, and so on…

Face Recognition

SecurOS Face video analytic module provides face capture and recognition of passengers and search against specialized bases to detect offenders and search for missing people. The system supports the immediate alarm function to alarm first responding services in case of highly probable match.

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