Transport Infrastructure Security Systems

Intelligent monitoring and protection of Transport Infrastructure: highway, railway, metro

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd is a leading developer and vendor of integrated software-hardware based solutions that provide full-featured toolkit for road infrastructures video monitoring and protection. The solutions allow staff to perform day-to-day basic activities more appropriately and to intercommunicate more dependable.

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd solutions target on law enforcement, situational awareness increasing, citizens health and life protection, road infrastructures protection.

Key Targets

SecurOS solutions address the multifaceted challenges of transport security, from transportation hubs such as rail stations and airports, to logistics facilities, and intelligent roadways. The varied and unique need of each type of deployment requires the ability for the video management platform to be adaptable and easily configurable to meet the needs of very diverse security challenges.

The end-to-end combined SecurOS solutions provide the interconnectedness and up to the second alerts necessary for real-time security for all related transport sectors.

SecurOS solutions are easy to use and provide economies of scale so that departments at the Federal, state, and municipal level, as well as commercial operators of logistics and transport hubs, can communicate and share information, all based on individual levels of clearances. This interoperability results in public safety in areas like subways, airports, and rail stations to be dramatically increased.

Transport vertical ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd portfolio includes a number of practical cases that enable to reduce the risks of potential threats significantly:

  • Life and health threats
  • Economic losses
  • Environmental damages

Solution Portfolio