Traffic Violations Detection

SecurOS Velox and SecurOS Crossroad - ISS Turnkey Solutions for Traffic Violation Detection

SecurOS Velox and SecurOS Crossroad are equipment which components provide effective implementation of road safety tasks, i.e.:

  • Automated detection (photo and video registration) of traffic violation and automated license plate recognition
  • Detection from the traffic flow and automatic alarms in case of detecting vehicles from search data bases, i.e., stolen cars (if provided access to spesial watchlists), detection of vehicles without registration plates

SecurOS Velox and SecurOS Crossroad can be used as a standalone equipment or as a part of a distributed network, connecting several devices.

The components of devices are certified and have passed metrological verification. SecurOS Velox and SecurOS Crossroad allow to use the footage and measurements as evidence for the issuance of the protocol on administrative violation.

  1. round-the clock 24/7/365 automated road monitoring for moving violations
  2. vehicles detection according «wanted» watchlists
  3. remote global monitoring of all controled locations
  4. increase in cash inflow from fine payments

Solution Structure

A certified ISS turnkey solutions consist of one or more video cameras, radars and external data processing unit, consisting of industrial computer and network equipment. IR-illuminations or White-illuminations are required to detect traffic violations at nighttime.

Traffic Violations Detection ISS complexes include 2 product lines: