ISS solutions for Safe City

The ISS integrated solution designed to increase the efficiency in performing operational and strategic objectives in municipal and city security management

Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) is a leading developer and supplier of security surveillance and control systems, which include

  • video surveillance
  • video analytics
  • automated detection of traffic violations
  • local monitoring centers

Moreover, ISS solutions include Emergency Service subsystem – a very effective tool to compile alarms about incidents coming from different sources (including SecurOS video analytics detectors, any protection and control devices) and to manage them.

SecurOS is easily compatible with 3rd party systems, namely

  • fire alarm
  • ACS (access control system)
  • sound notification system
  • sensors, and other devices
  • GIS
  • acoustic monitoring system

ISS solutions designed to effectively monitor distributed city areas by

  • improving public peace and security maintenance
  • detecting anti-social behavior and acts of vandalism
  • improving first responders (operators of security system) and Law Enforcement collaboration and coordination in every type of situation  — from the unexpected to the everyday
  • defending critical infrastructure and protecting tangible assets
  • improving speed of notification and information dispatch to the population
  • pro-active emergency management and deeper situational awareness as events unfold

Solution Structure

Urban Video Surveillance

SecurOS Video Management System ensures global situational monitoring, data compilation, collaboration with other Safe City Turnkey Solution components, provides a common operating picture of

  • crowded places or large-scale public events
  • public transport and highway infrastructure objects
  • entrances and yards in residential areas
  • industrial territories
  • social infrastructure objects, hospitals, schools, playschools.
  • SecurOS compiles and transmits data (video and events) to 3rd party systems, or launches Emergency Service module to process information, to build a better understanding and to coordinate operations.

Traffic Violations Detection

SecurOS Traffic Scanner is a turnkey solution designed to detect in real time the most common types of traffic violations, which include speeding, red light violations, exiting onto oncoming traffic, and others, and to capture the license plate of the possible offender. The SecurOS Traffic Scanner supports integration with law enforcement databases, allowing one to identify the owner of the vehicle who has committed a violation, and to simplify and automate the process of managing situations.

Detection of traffic violations provides by two kinds of software-hardware systems:

Monitoring & Control Center

SecurOS MCC designed for the integrated monitoring and management of a complete global or local security infrastructure from a single command center.

SecurOS MCC Operators are able to remotely assess the on-site situation, acquire real-time information about events and timely alarm specialized services and departments.

SecurOS IVS VideoWall is an optional SecurOS MCC component, provides effective interactive situational control and permits to maintain the work of specialized services and departments in incident management.

Video Analytics

SecurOS Video Analytics modules and detectors ensure automated processes of video monitoring and video control, pro-active detection of situations of possible threat. SecurOS Video Analytics permits to streamline workflow and to minimize the influence of routine tasks and abundance of information on human decision-making.

Face Capture & Recognition

SecurOS Face ensures required security level on the sites where registration, identification and/or authentication is necessary. Automated face detection – law enforcement database search – improves Operational-Investigative Activity. Known suspects can be spotted when they enter areas like subways or municipal buildings, so that law enforcement can be alerted.

License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR)

Highly intelligent LPR system SecurOS Auto provides the ability to accurately capture license plate information at 130 mph (210 km/h) and in all kinds of weather conditions, including light fog, rain, and snow. It integrates easily with third party parking management or smart roadway systems, as well as legacy security equipment and external databases.
SecurOS AUTO used at crossroads and city/town entries/exits allows to track a suspicious vehicle, to search in real time car records (i.e. stolen cars, getaway drivers, etc.) and to notify the authorities.

So it is a highly effective tool for vehicle registration tasks, control of traffic, and the access control of vehicles.

Situational awareness analytics

SecurOS Computer Vision detectors provide automated alarm registration, procession and forwarding to First Responders and 3rd party systems. Examples of such alarms are unattended objects detection, security zone breach, large groups of people in open areas and premises providing an early warning of public unrest and disorder.

Security system equipment performance service analytics

SecurOS Camera Health detectors designed to monitor video devices and software to satisfy operational requirements and to inform about failures, if the camera is covered or redirected, if the connection is interrupted, or if the quality has decreased due to contrast, focus or lighting changes.

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