Under Vehicle Surveillance System

SecurOS UVSS is innovative, highly effective and easy-to-use hardware-software system of remote under-vehicle surveillance used to detect any foreign undercarriage items.

SecurOS UVSS is a cost-effective and convenient solution for visual inspection of all types of vehicles: from passenger vehicles to trucks and trailers. SecurOS UVSS is a perfect solution for governmental, military, corporate, and transportation facilities – wherever particular vehicle monitoring is required. It provides:

  • Excellent image and footage quality
  • Integrated LPR/ANPR
  • Rapid and secure inspection process
  • Comparison with an original image
  • Inspection in motion
  • Light installation


Key Targets

  1. detecting of modifications, foreign and/or undeclared items
  2. rapid and secure inspection process
  3. minimizing the impact of the human factor on the inspection results
  4. providing personnel safety during the inspection through remote video monitoring

Key Features

  • automatically creates undercarriage images
  • recognizes license plate of a vehicle (includes different Watch Lists)
  • watch live and archive video from the scanning IP-camera
  • creates the database of inspected cars
  • automatically compares the undercarriage image with the “reference” image (obtained at the first inspection) and displays non-corresponding fragments
  • simultaneously shows “live” or archive video from all system’s cameras: scanning IP- cameras, LPR/NAPR IP-cameras, surveillance cameras
  • enables interoperability with security systems, ACS, traffic lights, barriers control, information boards, as well as 3rd party systems

Solution Architecture

SecurOS Flatimus Architecture
SecurOS Flatimus Architecture

Solution Structure

Software components

  • SecurOS VMS provides video surveillance, video recording, and hardware-software system management.
  • The SecurOS UVSS module provides stitched the undercarriage images out of the video stream and manages the UVSS GUI
  • Video analytic module SecurOS Auto provides license plate recognition, vehicle database search, etc.
  • Embedded SecurOS API offers interoperability and integration with PSIM systems, Access Control (ACS), motion control devices, electronic display boards, and others.

Hardware components

  • SecurOS UVSS platform (IP68 scanning system with IP Full HD camera and Fish eye lens), mounted on the roadway
  • SecurOS UVSS controller (Processing server with data storage and integrated video management platform – SecurOS Enterprise)
  • LPR/ANPR IP-camera
  • Operator workstation

Optionally, the complex can be supplemented with a surveillance camera, ACS, barriers, traffic lights, electronic display boards, etc.