Tailored Security Solutions for Enterprises

SecurOS provides scalability and customization to satisfy specific needs of local and/or spatial distributed enterprises in various industries. The SecurOS video management platform ensures interoperability with 3td-party systems (MES, ERP, SRM) to fulfil a wide range of business tasks. It allows you to collect and quickly analyze data from multiple systems, devices, and sensors, and use it to build a better understanding and perform pro-active situational management.

  1. local or central monitoring and administration of the key infrastructure facilities
  2. early detection of threat-inducing events
  3. immediate alarm to ensure quick incident response
  4. automated vehicle and inventory control
  5. technological processes and production lines monitoring
  6. improvement in working efficiency, labor discipline, adherence to health and safety regulations

Solution Structure


The SecurOS VMS provides real-time authentic data from all control areas (i.e. perimeter, adjacent territories, interiors, technological areas, etc.) to ensure rapid response to incidents and alarms. The SecurOS Video Archive provides evidence for incident and/or alarm analysis.

Interoperability and system automation

The SecurOS interoperability with third party systems and devices (ACS, fire alarm, chemical / radiation detection, notification, etc.) permits to enhance the functionality of the security system and to ensure advances level of control.

SecurOS provides interfaces to code complex events, reactions and scenarios for incidents and/or alarms, i.e. security alarm arming, doors and windows locking/unlocking, local security personnel notification and alarm, First Responders notification and alarm, visual notification on electronic notice boards.

Video Analytics

License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR)

SecurOS Auto allows to improve check-points traffic capacity by automating vehicle registration and minimizing staff mistakes (accidental and deliberate), SecurOS Auto integrated with access control system allows for automated authorized checkpoint pass against watchlists.

Collecting and storing information about each vehicle and vehicular movements on the premises may be used to form reports for the contractors.

Face Capture and Recognition

SecurOS Face is an Image Analytics Module for SecurOS and provides restricted area advanced access control. SecurOS Face is successfully applied to control labor discipline.

Situational Awareness Video Analytics

SecurOS Computer Vision Detectors ensure improvement of labor discipline andadherence to health and safety regulations to detect the presence of unauthorized personnel in high-risk areas i.e. with poor visibility (gases, vapors or dusts, fibers / flyings present in the air).

Personal Protective Equipment Monitoring

SecurOS Helmet Detector is a customised ISS video analytics module and designed for remote monitoring and control of the helmet use. The SecurOS Helmet Detector ensures reducing the industrial injury casualty rate.

Monitoring & Control Center

Monitoring & Control Center can receive, display, record video and manage events as well as all video analytics modules and externally integrated systems. There are no limitations to how many workstations can receive incoming video data and incident information from the ISS SecurOS modules and devices.

The SecurOS MCC federation capability provides fail-safe management of the global dispatch service, including security system control on disparate sites.

The data can be used by various services of the enterprise: security personnel – to ensure rapid response; analysts, production and administrative managers – to solve various business tasks.