Products Quality Monitoring

Tailored solution based on customized video analytics

ISS develops tailored solutions based on video analytics to meet special requirement of industrial enterprises. The ISS Stain Detector is a good example. This solution ensures automated in-process quality control for lining paper treatment.


In drywall manufacturing the lining paper is treated with special liquid compound. Stains on the paper indicate that liquid compound is sprayed with exceedance, and the spraying machine is not set up properly. The spoilage shows much later – when the paper rolled out in the fabrication shop or even after the plasterboard sheet produced. By the time the spoilage is detected, the amount of defective fabricated lining paper may be significant and it would cause considerable drop in production. The ISS special solution provides early stains detection and allows to spot spoilage in-process.

Key Targets

Stain Detector video analytics solution allows the personnel to take prompt measures to eliminate equipment malfunctions to minimize production defects and to avoid a non-scheduled stop of the production line.

The Stain Detector video analytics module automatically detects, ranks, and compiles data about defects (stains). The operator is able to use the received information and to take the necessary measures to eliminate malfunctions, with no need to monitor the technological process continuously.

Key Features

  • automated detection of stains on the lining paper
  • grouping the detected stains in the size scale, counting the amount of defects in every group
  • creating the database of defects with corresponding images
  • advanced database search
  • automated report generation

Solution Architecture

Products quality monitoring architecture
Products quality monitoring architecture

Solution Structure

The software component of the integrated solution is a specially designed Stain Detector video analytics module, operating on the SecurOS VMS.

The hardware components are:

  • Professional video server SecurOS IVS NVR.
    Maintains functioning of the video analytics module and serves as a data storage.
  • Operator’s Workstation.
    Provides full-featured operating with a graphical user interface.
  • Professional line-scan camera.
    Designed specifically for industrial use.
  • White-lights.
    A special lighting system.

Professional line-scan camera

The line-scan camera with increased photosensitivity designed specifically for industrial use, where the high resolution of the device plays a key role. It provides high-quality video stream with optimum frame rate for the finest technological process monitoring.

The camera high frame per second rate is essential for capturing control objects (stains) moving at a high speed along a conveyor belt. The line-scan camera takes images of objects in-motion at a high-speed.

White Lights

A special lighting system allows to get rid of shadows and creates optimal conditions for accurate stain detection on the plain cardboard background. The defects are accurately spotted and false defects distinguished from true ones correctly.