Perimeter Defence System and Video Surveillance Integrated Solution

Key Targets

The ISS integrated solution designed to heighten the situational awareness and security of manufacturing facilities perimeter, and to increase the readiness to respond to incidents and threats, all while leveraging intelligent video surveillance and perimeter defense sensors. It provides control vast industrial sites permits to use video for visual confirmation of breaches, to stop the alarm from perimeter surveillance sensors and to improve time and efficiency of security personnel.

  • to control vast territories
  • to confirm intrusion and to eliminate nuisance alarms (to filter out objects that do not represent an actual threat)
  • to ensure early intrusion detection

Key Features

  • emote management of CCTV cameras and other security devices
  • advanced alarm system
  • automated Intrusion Response System (IRS) could handle some of the incident and apply the right countermeasure
  • real-time cross camera people tracking

Solution Architecture

ISS Perimiter Defence architecture
ISS Perimiter Defence architecture

Solution Structure

Video Surveillance

SecurOS permits to organize global automated perimeter video surveillance to ensure real-time 24/7 control of the premises. SecurOS ensures distributed security complex management, recording of video (around the clock, time-scheduled or alarm recording), and alarm notification.

Security system automation and interoperability

The SecurOS APIs support coordinated functioning of security and control devices, PTZ and thermal cameras; launch programmed reactions to real world events and alarms.

For example, when the perimeter security sensor activates, SecurOS commands the PTZ camera to turn in the direction of the sensor, starts recording the video and alarms the operator about the incident. The operator then either confirms (and the consistent protocol is launched) or disarms the alarm.

2D maps and GIS Compatibility

Interactive SecurOS objects layouts designed for convenient territory surveillance. Interactive maps localize the security system elements, like CCTV cameras, microphones, detectors, sensors. 2D map interface permits to control current status of devices and manage devices, including viewing live video, switching to video archive, arming or disarming the equipment, etc. SecurOS is GIS compatible to ensure work with geographic data.

Increased Level of Situational Awareness

SecurOS Computer Vision detectors ensure automated monitoring of incidents, such as people intersecting the perimeter of a restricted area or a control line, unattended objects, loitering behavior (such as the same figure staying too long in a specified area)