Monitoring & Control Center

Provides effective control over geographically distributed sites.

Centralized monitoring capabilities make it possible to control both vast and remote sites. Monitoring and Control Center compiles video and information from local security systems, allows to assess situation and to perform immediate incident management.

Key Targets

SecurOS MCC designed to control geographically distributed sites and to perform non-stop operation of the unified dispatch department, including real-time site monitoring and remote video surveillance control.

The MCC Operators are able to assess the situation on sites, receive real-time information about incidents and alarm security services.

Key Features

  • Exports video and audio data from local sites
  • Provides access to SecurOS Auto and SecurOS Face video analytic data from remote systems (for SecurOS Direct Connect)
  • Controls devices and receives information on hardware failures (cameras, sensors, servers, etc.)
  • Gives the MCC Operator capability to take over local security devices control
  • Provides an ability to select locations for monitoring (for SecurOS VC / VR Connection)
  • Provides fast and convenient federation of remoted security systems to the Monitoring & Control Center
  • Can be easily adapted to local security system configuration changes
  • Backs up information on system configuration of each distributed security system and automatically updates its configuration on connection availability

Solution Architecture

Monitoring & Control Center Architecture
Monitoring & Control Center Architecture

Solution Structure

Hardware components

  • SecurOS IVS Video Servers
  • SecurOS Operator and Administrator WorkStations
  • networking equipment

Optional components to expand the functionality:

  • SecurOS IVS VideoWall and SecurOS IVS VideoWall Controller
  • Operator WorkStation of a third party system
  • SecurOS IVS OWS Encoder for interacting with third-party system Operator WorkStations

The software package of the Monitoring & Control Center can consist of a set of subsystems (to meet the needs of a specific site):

  • video surveillance
  • video analytics
  • on-site navigation (2D/3D interactive maps)
  • monitoring and informing (from other subsystems)
  • managing announcement system
  • event management (“Emergency Service”)
  • video wall management

SecurOS MCC features scalability and provides interfaces for third-party system integration.

To learn more about ISS Monitoring & Control Center (SecurOS MCC) please contact our Sales Team