Detection of Inventory Misuse

Automated inspection system designed for raw materials usage monitoring to prevent misappropriating inventories (e.g. theft).

Produced goods, supplies and others are often of significant value and may be prone to theft.

ISS develops tailored software-hardware based solutions that address specific business processes and procedures, take into account infrastructure facilities, interoperate with current IT-solutions to minimize economic losses of the particular enterprise.

ISS solutions provide federated situational monitoring and smart events management for dynamic and pro-active incident management.

Key Targets

  • The technological processes strictly followed (due to improved control)
  • The number of product quality claims significantly reduced
  • Growth of industrial output due to full-time inspection activities
  • The number of thefts decreases
  • The video archive created and the recorded video used for post-incident forensic

Key Features

  • automatically monitors the programmed movements of trail cars with raw material
  • builds up a DB of video captures of every trail car movement from the start to the end point of the route
  • provides remote monitoring through live and archive video
  • alarms the operator in case of deviation from the movement schedule (controlled by embedded logic)
  • provides database search
  • generates reports automatically

Solution Architecture

Detection of inventory misuse architecture
Detection of inventory misuse architecture

Surveillance cameras are located at control points and track the movement of trail cars with raw materials. The video forwarded to the server and processed by video analytics algorithms. The processing results forwarded to the SecurOS control system. The system alarms the responsible employee in case of movement schedule deviation (i.e. the trail car moved from one control point, but not delivered to the next control point in due time). On receiving an alarm, the operator is able to remotely view the surveillance cameras recordings and, on confirming the problem, initiate further procedures according to the standard protocol (as an example – call the security officer).

Solution Structure

The software component of the inspection system is a specialized video analytics module, operating on the SecurOS VMS.

The hardware components include IP-cameras, professional video server SecurOS IVS NVR that serves as a data storage and maintains the functioning of the video analytics module, and an Operator Workstation.