Standalone portable video player

SecurOS Evidence Manager

SecurOS Evidence Manager is designed to effectively review the exported video related to an incident.


  • Possibility to synchronously view video from multiple cameras
  • Exporting video frame in standard format
  • Fast forward playback with normal, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32 speeds
  • Archive navigation – jumping forward and backward
  • Digital zoom
  • Processing video received from cameras equipped with fisheye or panamorph lens
  • Printing and saving video snapshots


  • Event video from multiple cameras is exported to a single Evidence-file that can be signed with a digital signature. A digital signature with a certificate ensures that the signed file has not been replaced or edited after creation
  • Supports simultaneous synchronized playback of all recordings in evidence video file
  • Can be installed on any computer independently of SecurOS
  • SecurOS Evidence Manager has a familiar interface for SecurOS users and inherits its key functionalities
  • When playing back an evidence video, any frame can be saved/exported to a standard image format. Frame exporting is done for the image displayed in the camera cell at the moment of the operation


SecurOS Evidence Manager architecture
SecurOS Evidence Manager architecture