SecurOS WebConnect

SecurOS WebConnect is an HTML5 based web-client that allows security personnel to monitor video and control cameras from different computers using standard web browsers.


SecurOS WebConnect is used to monitor video and to control cameras on a variety of platforms using standard web browsers.

Operators can access live video streams, playback video archives, and display multiple cameras based on user-defined Views. SecurOS Maps can be used to navigate through cameras including the ability to display all cameras from a specific map level. Video analytics events and other types of alarms are displayed in the Alarms View.

Key features

  • Connect to multiple SecurOS installations using SecurOS user credentials
  • Up to 13 cameras simultaneously in real-time
  • Fast forward playback with x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32 speeds
  • Jump forward and backward archive navigation
  • Cameras can be grouped in Views for operator convenience
  • Support of SecurOS Maps
  • Thumbnail view for cameras on the Map
  • Camera event list view
  • Secure HTTPS connection (strongly encourage you to use only trusted certificates)