Mobile application for iOS and Android devices

SecurOS Mobile

SecurOS Mobile is a mobile client for SecurOS VMS which gives security personnel capabilities to monitor video and control cameras on their mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android). Operators can easily access live video streams, playback video archive, monitor video analytics events and other types of alarms over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G networks.


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Key Features

  • Connect to multiple SecurOS installations using SecurOS user credentials.
  • Thumbnail view of all available cameras.
  • Up to 4 cameras simultaneous view (live or archive video).
  • Up to 3 live streams from each camera with automatic switching of the stream depending on network bandwidth available.
  • Fast forward and reverse playback with x1 (normal), x2, x4 or x8 speed.
  • Frame by frame video playback.
  • Portrait and landscape orientation. Full-screen video view in landscape orientation.
  • Camera Events view. Access the corresponding moment from the video archive with a single tap. Types of the events to be received    are configured in the SecurOS system.
  • Secure HTTPS connection. It is strongly recommended to use trusted SSL certificates.

SecurOS Mobile comes with built-in cloud demo server connection for testing and evaluation purposes. For commercial use, you need to have a SecurOS system installed on your server.

System Requirements

SecurOS Mobile 9 is compatible with SecurOS Premium, SecurOS Enterprise, SecurOS MCC, and appliances running those SecurOS editions.

SecurOS Mobile 9.1 requires SecurOS™ 9.1 or higher.