Monitoring and Control Center


Wherein top level system built on SecurOS MCC can unite geographically-separated independent security systems running SecurOS Xpress, SecurOS Professional, SecurOS Premium or SecurOS Enterprise.

SecurOS MCC aggregates geographically diverse sites into a centralized and integrated command and control infrastructure. It designed for large-scale and high-security installations: all your security systems based on SecurOS VMS products are under the total control. The central management stations can receive, display, record video and manage events as well as all video analytics modules and externally integrated systems.

SecurOS MCC provides the global monitoring and management of a complete remoted security infrastructure of all your local sites from a single command center. It is an excellent solution for customers with multiple georaphical disparated sites or business facilities located at vast area.

SecurOS MCC allows for the federation of remote independent sites as if they were part of a single virtual system. This federation option allows for a much more streamlined workflow and globalizes security operations to make security personnel more productive and better informed.

Key Features

  • The SecurOS MCC federation capability scales as needed to tie together a few sites to hundreds and thousands of globally disparate sites, and provides management of all SecurOS servers within the virtual network and visualization of all cameras and other devices which are connected to each individual SecurOS deployment.
  • It standardizes security procedures as well as automated alarms and actions across an organizations’ complete security infrastructure.
  • The SecurOS MCC is ideal for installations with around-the-clock operation requirements and supports interoperability with professional failover data storage systems which provide continued access to live and uninterrupted video recordings.
  • Monitoring & Control Center can be equipped with an integrated SecurOS Video Wall for operators demanding supreme situational awareness of any event.
  • The flexible SecurOS architecture allows to create a hierarchical structure from several Monitoring & Control Centers. One MCC can be top-level to others MCC-s or the responsibilities can be divided among a number of MCC-s in accordance with customer’s needs.


SecurOS MCC Architecture
SecurOS MCC Architecture


  • Banks & Finance
  • Distributed Enterprises
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Military Infrastructure Facilities
  • Retail