Access Control System

SecurOS ACS Module

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd introduces a comprehensive solution to enhance access control in high-security installations. By combining the SecurOS™ software platform with an integrated access control system, you can create a modern, flexible and scalable system to effectively monitor staff and visitors.

SecurOS ACS module provides professional-level operator’s control of integrated access control and fire alarm management systems.

SecurOS ACS module provides a variety of access control and fire alarm management features within SecurOS. The module includes a new graphic user interface.

The new approach to ACS integration allows users to classify events with Markers, such as alarm, device event or access granted, for easy processing, searching and filtering. The ACS module can also link to SecurOS Cameras for quick event verification using video.


  • High quality video archive (necessary for carrying out internal investigations in case of emergencies)
  • Ability to expand the functionality of the solution by including security equipment and other specialized hardware and software
  • Rapid deployment through deep integration of the ISS and ACS components
  • Flexible scaling of the system architecture in accordance with the changing tasks of the project

Key Features of ACS User Interface

  • Display events from ACS and review corresponding video for verification
  • Easy ACS device to camera linking (multiple cameras can be linked to one ACS device)
  • Display cardholder photo and detailed card information when card is swiped
  • Search for the events corresponding to certain cardholder and track the particular card swipes
  • Display list of all ACS devices and their states
  • Send commands to ACS devices
  • Search for certain device’s events
  • Search for all events within the field of view of a camera
  • Playback archive video corresponding to an event
  • Flexible configuration of user interface (move detailed info panel, select displayed columns, etc.)


SecurOS ACS Architecture
SecurOS ACS Architecture


  • Education/Campus Security
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Municipal & Office Buildings
  • Restricted Areas