SecurOS™ — Video Management Platform


By operating of both video management system and intelligent analytics modules and detectors, SecurOS™ is the most powerful framework in the world.

SecurOS VMS is the nucleus of a complete security Eco-System, a visualization platform that integrates native, as well as third party analytics, ACS, fire and life safety, building management, SCADA, and can be made compatible with virtually and third party system or device. The SecurOS platform is suited for large mission critical applications that involve hundreds or thousands of cameras, sensors, and control systems unified into one network.

Key Features

  • Additive / Modular Architecture
    Scalable system topology generates ready ROI on the system – new functionalities and capabilities can generally be added with minimal software management.
  • Interoperability
    Open architecture – integrate third party systems and devices into one common.
  • Business Intelligence
    Advanced analytics and integration of surveillance platform with business process systems allows for proactive action.
  • Unification
    Security networks of unlimited scope – video or telemetry can be locally or centrally monitored and administrated.
  • Extensibility / Customization
    From multi-layer maps, custom user-based screens and permissions, to custom forms and GUI, SecurOS allows for complete customization based on user need.
  • Image Analytics
    Entire range of native Intelligent Video Analytics for every mission critical applications.
  • Event / Scenario Management
    Program complex reactions to complex events to intelligently and dynamically react to real world events.

Interoperability & Video Analytics

SecurOS integrates a multitude of ISS and third party systems into one network and creates a unified command and control capability. All devices, objects, cameras, systems, and even users, macros, and scripts can be individually managed and have multi-level permissions based on login. Each object can be controlled manually or automated using scripts and macros.

SecurOS supports over 2,000 models of technological equipment from over 55 worldwide brands:

  • Access Control
  • Security & Fire Alarms
  • Perimeter / Intrusion
  • Radiation control / Chemical contamination detector
  • Industrial Video Wall
  • Weight Equipment
  • Safety Communication Terminal
  • Cash Register Equipment
  • Data storage system (Virtualization and Network Attached Storages)
  • Actuated equipment (sensors, beams, barriers) and much more
  • The ability to connect the equipment according to ONVIF and RTSP standards expands the list of integrated devices

The ability to connect the equipment according to ONVIF and RTSP standards expands the list of integrated devices. SecurOS provides interaction with software products:

  • ERP-systems, PSIM, other third-party systems including custom-made corporate systems
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Emergency Service (911)
  • Application-dependent software

SecurOS native intelligent video analytic modules, detectors and specialized turnkey solutions provides the unique opportunity to automate broad list of routine procedures, improve situational awareness and streamline operator efficiencies:

  • License plate recognition module
  • Traffic violations detection turnkey solutions
  • Face capture & recognition module
  • ISO-containers character recognition module
  • Train character recognition module
  • POS and ATM transaction monitoring module
  • Situational awareness video analytics detectors
  • Service analytics detectors
  • UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System) turnkey solution
  • Gate Automation system turnkey solution
  • Event manager subsystem

Security On Demand

Utilizing its advanced scripting properties, modular architecture, unlimited network capability, and the ability to integrate a wide variety of ISS and third party devices, SecurOS™ can evolves and increases without limit.

It can be trained to react as you want it to, respond based on your criteria, and manage itself so you don’t have to. It could be taught what to look for, what to ignore, and even how sensitive it should be. It is the basis of a dynamic, network based, system that is scalable for future needs, and has an advanced toolset for remote or automated management:

  • Rest API
  • IIDK
  • UInP
  • SNMP
  • HTTP Event Gate
  • Active Media Kit
  • RTSP-server
  • Media Gate

Unified Security & Extensibility

SecurOS incorporates multiple systems into a unified network to give staff, law enforcement and other emergency personnel access to critical data and information in a timely manner.

SecurOS Video Management Platform Architecture
SecurOS Video Management Platform Architecture