Speed Limit Violations Detection System

SecurOS Velox turnkey software-hardware based system

SecurOS Velox is a ready-to-use all-in-one device designed for real-time traffic violations detection and automatic license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) of all passing vehicles.

SecurOS Velox is designed to monitor road traffic and detect all violation cases 24 hours a day under any weather conditions. It includes high quality image capturing camera, integrated power efficient illumination, processing unit for number plate recognition, automatic self-control services and remote management GUI. High-end microwave radar in combination with high resolution camera can track up to 32 vehicles simultaneously on up to 6 traffic lanes and automatically provide evidence of detected violations.

Solution Advantages

Primary Advantages

The primary advantages of the introduction of video monitoring system for traffic offenses are:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of the situation on the roads, which allows to record all cases of offenses in the area of video monitoring
  • Increase efficiency by issuance of citations with minimal human interaction, allowing law enforcement to dedicate more time to more critical activities.

Other Advantages

  • Supplied as a single ready-to-use device
  • Monitoring of up to 6 lanes in both directions with a single device
  • Tracking up to 32 targets (vehicles) simultaneously
  • Support of independent speed limits for each lane (upper and lower)
  • Support of independent speed limits for cars and heavy trucks/buses
  • License plates recognition of violating vehicles and identification of violator vehicle in traffic flow
  • An exceptionally high quality of violation evidence during daytime and at nighttime, and under any weather conditions
  • A high percentage of positive violation detection results: minimum missed violations and low percent false positive detection results
  • Built-in integration capabilities to automate evidence processing by authorities and simplify tickets issuing
  • Functioning as a standalone system or as a part of a distributed system combining a number of SecurOS Velox and/or SecurOS Crossroad

Designed to Work

  • Available in mountable or portable design granting the same level of measurement quality
  • Low power consumption (maximum 110 W) permits using a small capacity battery for the mobile installation SecurOS Velox or connecting the fixed installation SecurOS Velox to a street lighting line
  • Can be equipped with additional mountable external lights to provide clearly visible images of vehicles in utter darkness
  • High reliability: MTBF 35,000 hours
  • Low weight: maximum 14 kg
  • High protection class — IP65
  • Recognition of multiple types of license plates (over 60 countries)
  • Possibility of installing on existing supports on the roadside, without erecting consoles or gantries
  • A number of radar frequency ranges, allowing to use the radar in combination with other devices, or use a number of products in one location without mutual interference
  • Self-diagnostics of SecurOS Velox main components
  • Data protection from unauthorized access
  • Automatic determination of geographic coordinates
  • Built-in correction of date and time without the need to connect to external NTP servers
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

Model Line

  • Mobile installation (to control up to 4 lanes in both directions)
  • Fixed installation (to control up to 4 lanes in both directions)
  • Fixed installation (to control up to 6 lanes in both directions)


  • 3G/4G modem – when the system cannot be connected to a fixed data network
  • Traffic overview video surveillance module
  • Additional external lights


SecurOS Velox Architecture
SecurOS Velox Architecture Diagram