Train Carriage and Cargo Recognition

SecurOS Transit

SecurOS Transit provides character recognition of carriages, tankers, and platforms on trains. SecurOS Transit is an effective tool for registration of railway vehicles at the shunting-yards and customs terminals, and also for the control of containers and deliveries to industrial enterprises, storehouses, etc.

Key Features

Convenience of Use

  • Graphical User Interface with a full range of user’s functions
  • automatic notification of operator at registration of unrecognized numbers, at discrepancy of recognition results to the data of wheel-report
  • formation of reports, analytics of events and detailed statistical output


  • interaction with components of integrated security systems, enterprise railway management systems, software and information systems, external databases, manufacturing equipment and electronic weights & sensors
  • organization of geographically distributed system
  • simultaneous work over several video channels
  • data transmission on lower-bit-rate communication channels
  • organization of common database and workplaces for monitoring and management with differentiation of rights of access to the data and work with system

Flexibility and Development

  • adjustment of reaction of system and way of operator notification (sound, the phone, e-mail) in case of discrepancy between number recognition and data of natural sheets, at registration of unusual events
  • cameras may be placed above railway for automatic control of presence/absence of a cargo
  • fast adaptation according to features of object and requirements of the end user
  • adjustment for work with legacy video-cameras

Quality and Reliability

  • high quality of recognition and reliability of work in varying environmental and illumination conditions
  • wide spectrum of video-cameras installation


  • Customs Control & Border Management
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Railroad
  • Sea Ports
  • Warehouse Terminals