Intelligent accident prevention system

Hardware-software complex SecurOS Soffit

SecurOS Soffit is an intelligent system of the light accompaniment of pedestrians in order to prevent an accidental pedestrian struck on unregulated crosswalk.

SecurOS Soffit provides:

  • a significant increase in the safety of pedestrians;
  • a reduction in the total number of accidents with human casualties.


SecurOS Soffit is installed on a pole next to the crosswalk. The video analytics detectors of the complex based on an artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies, provide stream processing from the built-in IP-camera, detect pedestrians at the zebra crossing and determine their coordinates and direction of movement along the carriageway.

In a sleep mode, this projector provides a static illumination of a crosswalk at 30-50% of its capacity – it depends on the illumination level of the control area.1 At the moment of detecting a pedestrian at the control zone the dynamic mode becomes active. The pedestrian’s current location area is calculated and highlighted by the proper LED module, providing continuous tracking of the pedestrian along the zebra crossing. At the same time, a dynamic illumination engages 100% of the proper LED module’s capacity while the static illumination of other modules will continue to operate.


1 The control area includes the crosswalk and its adjacent areas (pavement from both sides of the crosswalk)

One complex provides control over the situation on a crosswalk that crosses up to four traffic lanes.

SecurOS Soffit consists of three key blocks:

  • intelligent control unit (controller);
  • specialized IP-camera with infrared illumination;
  • modular LED white light projector.

In contrast to the solutions that use static or dynamic illumination of road signs “pedestrian crossing” or asphalt in the pedestrian crossing area, the SECUROS SOFFIT PROJECTOR DRAWS THE ATTENTION OF THE DRIVER TO THE PEDESTRIAN WITHOUT DISTRACTING THE DRIVER’S ATTENTION FROM EXTRANEOUS OBJECTS. 



  • Ability to​ adjust the brightness of LED modules.
  • Combined static illumination of a crosswalk and dynamic illumination of a pedestrian during his moving along.
  • Pulsating backlight mode to attract additional attention to pedestrians.
  • High class of a complex protection against external influences – IP 66.
  • Ability of integration with Smart city systems, including through the transfer of video stream to the upper level of decision-making.
  • Ability of integration with photo-video detection of traffic violations.
  • Absent of car driver’s blinding due to specially created LED projector design.

SECUROS SOFFIT SUPPORTS THE INTEGRATION WITH A RANGE OF SYSTEMS FOR ROAD TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS PHOTO-VIDEO RECORDING; this ensures the detection of violations such as non-possession of pedestrians, non-compliance with speed limits, crossing into oncoming traffic, driving on the wayside or on the bus lane, etc.