Point-of-Sale & ATM Transaction Monitoring


SecurOS POS is an intelligent software module for the SecurOS video management platform, which links live video with transaction data from a POS or ATM system. SecurOS POS allows to see all retail transactions in real time and in archive video. It allows search of specific transactions and review of the exact video archive of that transaction. It helps to determine if employee theft is happening and how customers are treated.

  1. Cash management and checkout
  2. Inventory management
  3. Shelf-space management
  4. Loss prevention
  5. Labour scheduling / time and attendance
  6. Scale management

Key Features

  • Integration with SecurOS VMS.
    The system works in conjunction with core SecurOS features as well as other SecurOS analytics. SecurOS POS can Initiate system actions based on alarm events or unique transaction data.
  • Advanced Management Capabilities and Permissions.
    Complete local or remote monitoring and management capability – automatic file transfer to central server location. Data monitoring / retrieval access permissions, rights & privileges based on individual users and/or groups.
  • System Architecture.
    Formation of a database with tagged data such as date and time, transaction information, and associated video.
  • System Automation.
    Advanced event/reaction management capabilities includes time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, and alarm capabilities and engages automatic notification (phone, email, SMS) system.
  • Customized Search.
    Search on a variety of criteria including: date and time, employee number, terminal number, item numbers, customer transaction amount, payment type, credit card, merchandise returns, voided transactions.
  • Interoperability.
    API/SDK available for integration with third-party applications.

Full Video Documentation

SecurOS POS & ATM Transaction Monitoring provides full video documentation on selected transaction IDs, item numbers, terminal numbers, employees, customers, payment details, or stores in any combination you wish.

  • Added toolset for integrated retail surveillance, empowerment of exception reports, and optional shrinkage detection.
  • Integrates with other ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd sub-systems, SQL databases, and third-party systems.
  • Specifies reactions to positive comparison
  • Instant data search in video archive
  • Automatic notifications (phone, e-mail, SMS)
  • Distributed and modular architecture to enable remote database query, monitoring and storage
  • Fully automated system


Hardware-agnostic System.

 Added toolset for integrated retail surveillance, empowerment of exception reports, and optional shrinkage detection.

Flexibility of Use.

SecurOS POS can search transaction data by a variety of individual or permutations of multiple search criteria:

  • Date and time
  • Employee number
  • Terminal number
  • Item numbers (SKUs)
  • Customer transaction amount
  • Payment type
  • Credit card
  • Merchandise returns
  • Voided transactions

Event/Reaction Management.

Advanced event/response management including time schedule engine, adjustable thresholds, and alarm capabilities.

Integrated with SecurOS VMS.

Seamlessly works with SecurOS VMS. Integrate with third party systems as well as other SecurOS Analytics modules.

Access to Advanced Features.

Integrate with other analytics to provide complete solution for recognition of known shoplifter and license plate recognition at gas stations.


  • Banks & Finance
  • Gas Stations
  • HoReCa
  • Retail