Automated Touch-Free Temperature Screening and Face Mask Detection

SecurOS Porter

SecurOS Porter is a hardware software system for remote and on-the-fly detection of elevated temperature and protective face mark usage.

SecurOS Porter detects a person (adult or child), checks for a mask on their face, and scans their temperature.

SecurOS Porter detects a person (adult or child), checks for a mask on their face, and scans their temperature.  If the temperature is normal and the person is wearing a mask, the corresponding green indicator lights will turn on.

If the person’s temperature is elevated and/or there is no mask on their face, the SecurOS Porter shows corresponding “red” indicators and sounds audio notification to notify security personnel. Optionally, the system can send alarms to the security personnel wirelessly. This allows you to take operational measures to deal with the threat: e.g. get a doctor or to provide the person with a mask, thus also providing protection of surrounding people from potential threats.

SecurOS Porter has a built-in computer for data gathering and processing as well as a wireless device for transmitting incident data to security personnel.

SecurOS provides touch-free temperature screening and mask detection at a distance of 1.64 ft (0.5 m) and operates 24/7. The SecurOS FaceX facial detection video analytics module allows localizing infrared temperature scanning to a person’s face. This allows to determine the deviation from the normal temperature and correlate the person’s face with the corresponding data from the temperature sensor at high accuracy. The intelligent SecurOS Face Mask Detector based on convolutional neural network technology determines reliably the presence or absence of a facial mask.

Moreover, SecurOS Porter collects statistical data: total number of people passing, number of people with elevated body temperature, and number of people without a protective mask.  The detection results from multiple SecurOS Porter control areas can be handled centrally by a single operator in the specialized interface of the SecurOS Inspector system for production control and behavioral auditing process automation.


  • Airports
  • Banks & Finance
  • Education/Campus Security
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Municipal & Office Buildings
  • Restricted Areas

Key Advantages

  • Video analytics algorithms based on convolutionalneural networkand state-of-the-art thermo-scanner enablesextraordinary threat (face mask absence and elevated temperature) detection accuracy
  • High measurement accuracy: deviation of no more than 0,3° C from + 36,6 ° C temperature
  • Operating 24/7
  • Has a mirror for self-operation andacolor-coded indication as a face pictogram-to indicate if everything is OK or ifsomething is wrong
  • Protective housing and a floor stand adapted for different types of facilities including schools and healthcare facilities
  • Isinstalled and operates autonomously
  • Lite and quick installation; no need for special mounting and future maintenance
  • Adjusting theangle of slope to adapt to the visitors’ height
  • Wide range of APIs to support the integration of 3rd-party devices and systems

Technical Features

Detection range0.5 m
Number of dimensions per second4 - 8
Thermographic detection accuracy0,3°C
Measurement areaFocused on the person's face
Measurement range of an object+30°C...+43°C
Alarm modes6 modes on the face panel, 3 modes on the side panel
AudioPre-recorded audio notifications
Power supply100 - 240V AC
Power consumptionDoes not exceed 100 W
Communication interfaceWi-Fi
Input protocolTCP/IP
DimensionsOverall dimensions with stand: W = 350 mm, H = 1350 mm; Device dimensions: (WxHxD): 265x235x130 mm
Protection classIP20
Weight12 kg
Warranty period1 year

Alarm modes

SecurOS Porter video presentation: