Module for labor protection and industrial safety

SecurOS Inspector

The SecurOS Inspector module is a specialized software tool for production control and behavioral auditing process automation by visual data representation.

It is a tool designed for health and safety inspectors, providing convenient and effective violation data handling of established procedures and regulations, while reporting the results to senior officials.

The results of SecurOS Inspector are statistically processed events and conclusions on industrial safety at selected facilities or the enterprise as a whole. The data is represented in a user-friendly interface consisting of interactive dashboards, live alarm monitoring, and reports.

Tasks to be solved

  1. Impartial asssessment of current labor protection and industrial safety processes
  2. Violator data collection and enforcement of administrative actions
  3. Conducting a comparative analysis (before/after) and weakness identification
  4. Assessing the effectiveness of labor protection and industrial safety measures and defining a labor safety strategy going forward

Key Functionality

  • Timely retrieval of reliable data about all violations at each facility/site to a single event database, while informing supervisors (Inspectors).
  • The ability to «tie» a violation to the person who committed it (i.e. the violator) — manually or automatically.
  • Statistical violations and violator data processing according to the parameters set by the user.
  • Display flexible and customizable reports (interactive and informational) in a user-friendly form for administrative staff and senior officials.
  • Data can be downloaded as an information report for the required period by time / by a violator / by violation type.

Data sources of violations are events from the following SecurOS video analytics modules*:

  • body temperature detector;
  • helmet / hardhats wearing;
  • performance of certain actions (hand sanitization);
  • detection of presence in a prohibited area;
  • protective face masks wearing.

* The list of data sources for SecurOS Inspector will be expanded with the module updates.


  • Construction Sites
  • Education/Campus Security
  • HoReCa
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Retail
  • Warehouse Terminals