Convolutional neural network based face recognition module

SecurOS FaceX

SecurOS FaceX expands video analytics application capacities for biometric control. With its extraordinary recognition accuracy, the module operates in a wide range of external conditions, i.e. changing illumination and angle.

SecurOS FaceХ functions on SecurOS video management platform that provides the interoperability with other subsystems, for example ACS. Several SecurOS FaceX servers consolidated under SecurOS platform command & control support the work with a unified set of checklists.


  • Automatically detects and recognizes faces in real time and displays the recorded results in the SecurOS FaceX GUI (graphical user interface)
  • Records the information about all detected faces and recognition facts including place, time and links to the video clip in the video archive
  • Retrospective people search by photo (search in protocol of previously detected people and search in checklists)
  • Manages of checklists, including add-one-person-to-multiple-checklists option
  • Imports photo batches into checklists with automatic checking for overlap with existing photos and full name of person
  • Logs changes to checklists
  • Informs the operator (at monitor), sends notifications (by e-mail, SMS, etc.) to the response services in case appear of a particular person in the control zone
  • Ensures the interoperability with ACS as well as to perform multifactor authentication
  • Transfers data to 3rd-party systems


SecurOS FaceX advantages

  • Automatic capture of all people’s faces in the camera detection zone
  • High recognition quality in a wide range of external conditions (camera angle, changing and insufficient illumination, heavy raining and snowing)
  • Lack of critical dependency from cooperative behavior of people (the recognition process is less sensitive to the angle of inclination and rotation of one’s head)
  • Retrospective photo search is carried out simultaneously both by protocol and by checklists
  • Compares up to 20 detected persons per second against checklists’ records
  • Unlimited number of checklists and persons per checklist
  • The captured face similarity threshold configures specifically for each checklist
  • Built-in automation mechanisms to program specific system responses to detected recognition events or checklist search
  • Interoperability with security systems, access control systems and specialized third-party software
  • Fine recognition quality

Advantages of technology

  • Unlimited database
    Unlimited amount of checklists and persons in them
  • Convolutional neural networks based algorithms
    High percentage of correct recognitions, including those taken under conditions of changing illumination, expression, resolution, distance or aging. The video server central processor performs all neural network processes and does not require special video cards
  • Multifactor authentication
    Special mode to manage access control systems (ACS) for both single-factor and multifactor authentication
  • Expanded field of business applications
    Total set of instruments to integrate with 3rd-party software that provides business processes support (ERP, SCADA, PSIM, etc.)
  • Tailored Solutions
    Expanded functionality and customized solutions uniquely address your organization’s needs


  • Airports
  • Banks & Finance
  • Cultural & Sports Facilities
  • Customs Control & Border Management
  • Education/Campus Security
  • HoReCa
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Military Infrastructure Facilities
  • Railroad
  • Restricted Areas
  • Sea Ports