Situational Awareness Video Analytics

SecurOS Computer Vision

The SecurOS Computer Vision subsystem offers the Suite of situational awareness video analytics detectors. This Suite provides a set of advanced video analytics detectors designed to increase situational awareness of SecurOS operators. The detectors will streamline operator efficiencies by not requiring constant monitoring of control areas; improving operator event processing; and by monitoring/controlling several locations, without impact the security staff.

Basic video analytic detectors

  • Crowd Detector.
    Designed to detect potentially dangerous groups of people.
  • Object Left Behind Detector.
    Designed to detect abandoned objects.
  • Intrusion Detector.
    Designed to detect objects entering a forbidden area (crossing forbidden zone border).
  • Loitering Detector.
    Designed to detect people loitering and moving in the same area for some time.
  • Running Detector.
    Designed to detect people who move faster than it was considered normal.
  • Object Counter.
    Designed to count objects (people, vehicles) crossing a line in each direction.
  • Smoke Detector.
    Designed to detect smoke of any kind.
  • Dwell Time Detector.
    Designed to to count objects (people, vehicles) remaining in the area for the certain time.
  • Line Crossing Detector.
    Designed to detect objects (people, vehicles) crossing a line in any direction.
  • Wrong Direction Detector.
    Designed to detect objects (people, vehicles) moving in target direction.

Key Features

  • Programmable Logic Event Processing.
    Provides ability to automate a large variety of routine operations, performed consistently in high volume – 24×7.
  • Cutting Edge Video Analytics Algorithms.
    Uses advanced algorithms for object tracking, foreground extraction, sudden lighting changes and much more.
  • Minimized False Positives or Missed Events.
    Maintained by advanced settings for each control zone and operating conditions.
  • Unlimited Number of Detectors.
    One system can run an unlimited amount of detectors, as well as being able to enable multiple detectors per camera.
  • Integrated with SecurOS VMS.
    Seamlessly works alongside the SecurOS video management software as well as other SecurOS Analytics modules.
  • Hardware-Agnostic System.
    No specialized cameras or other hardware is required. Multi-vendor equipment support.