Visual Inspection and Automation of Terminal Gates

SecurOS Cargo Terminal

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd introduces SecurOS Cargo Terminal as an efficient solution to enhance control in terminal gates. It provides remote visual inspection of sea containers and control of vehicles which carry containers. SecurOS Cargo Terminal facilitates data flow processing and seamless integration with Terminal Operation System.

SecurOS Cargo Terminal automatically collects and provides to TOS full set of gate metadata:

  • ISO Container images for visual inspection top and both sides to assess damages
  • ISO container number and other commonly used containers codes
  • License plate number of the vehicle that transports ISO Container
  • RTSP video stream and ASF/AVI video clips
  • Optional metadata: ILU code, Kemler / ADR reading, IMDG labels


  • High quality video archive (necessary for carrying out internal investigations in case of detection of container’ damages)
  • Expand the functionality of the solution by including security equipment and other specialized hardware and software (self-service kiosks, access control & security alarms, weight equipment, sensors, beams, barriers, etc).
  • Rapid deployment through deep integration of the SecurOS Cargo Terminal and Terminal Operation System
  • Flexible scaling of the system architecture in accordance with the changing project tasks
  • Based on IP cameras, no need for laser scanner

SecurOS Cargo Terminal is based on SecurOS Video Management platform. It allows to implement customized solutions according to the customer’s requirements and every site’s targets. SecurOS Cargo Terminal supports individual scenarios and operation logic that can be adjusted depending on the specifics of the tasks being performed.

Key Features

  • Camera vendor agonistic
  • Video-based recognition
  • Recognizes container codes (ISO code and Size and Type code) printed horizontally or vertically, on the top, side, or back of the container
  • Can be used for variety of applications: trucks, cranes, forklifts, as well as hand-held devices
  • When multiple cameras are used (e.g. both sides and top of container), system consolidates recognition results into best result
  • All container types (20’, 40’ and 30’, 45’, 53’) are supported

System Design

SecurOS Cargo Terminal Architecture
SecurOS Cargo Terminal Architecture


  • Customs Control & Border Management
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Sea Ports
  • Warehouse Terminals