Container Character Recognition

SecurOS Cargo

The SecurOS Cargo provides the ability to recognize characters on cargo containers from above, below, and from the side. It has an automated ISO code recognition system, so that the country of origin can be known right away. The advanced algorithms mean that such information can be read in any kind of weather, and can also read container characters on trucks as well as cranes.

By developing a container character recognition solution that integrates with cargo management processes at port, intermodal, and logistics centers, SecurOS Cargo can dramatically improve throughput and turnaround time, reduce liability, and be utilized to better locate and track containers in large facilities.

Key Features

  • Smart Search.
    Partial text/wildcard search for container codes against watchlist/external databases.
  • Advanced Search Data.
    Search results will include snapshots of recognized code, video sequence, and information of camera, time, date, location, and direction of container passing.
  • Watchlists.
    Add container codes to local watchlists (black, white, info), and set custom alarms for matches against the watchlist.
  • External DB Connectivity.
    Seamless connection to external databases, including prohibition/permission of pass, automatic notification regarding pass of container with flagged code.
  • System Automation.
    Provides advanced reaction capabilities and automatic operator notification based on container code recognition and/or comparison with information from a database/ watchlist.
  • Reporting Tools.
    Quick report generation of the container(s): print frame and information about the recognized container code(s).
  • Direction Detection.
    Includes standard feature for container direction detection.
  • Third-Party Equipment Integration.
    System integrates with most third-party equipment and devices such as gates, weigh scales, and more.
  • SDK Support.
    SDK available for integration with third-party applications and can be used to feed data to third-party applications such as port management software.


  • Hardware-agnostic System.
    No specialized cameras or other hardware is required.
  • Complete Logistics Management.
    Solution SecurOS Cargo can run on the SecurOS VMS platform alongside other ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd modules such as SecurOS Auto and Face. With the ability to integrate with other devices such as weigh scales, SecurOS Cargo can provide a complete logistics management solution.
  • Varying Recognition Environments.
    System can support a number of different recognition environments including: truck, crane, forklift, as well as use of hand-held devices.
  • Customisation.
    Flexible smart adaptation of solution as per our clients’ needs.
  • Advanced Recognition Engine.
    System recognizes container ISO codes printed horizontally or vertically, on the top, side, or back of the container.
  • Result Consolidation.
    If multiple cameras are used (e.g. both sides and top of container), system will consolidate results into one best result. Also video from all the cameras will be time synced and easily available for playback and export.


  • Customs Control & Border Management
  • Sea Ports
  • Warehouse Terminals

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