Service Video Analytics

SecurOS Camera Health

SecurOS Camera Health is used to verify operation of the CCTV cameras and the video stream according to the technical requirements of the system and is implemented on the base of the service detectors.


SecurOS service video analytics detectors allow to identify issues with cameras’ operation that may cause a partial or complete loss of video stream. If an issue is detected, the system alarms the operator about its occurrence. The operator can view a detailed description of each issue.

Service video analytics detectors

Loss of signalEnrolls the camera logs communication blackout between server and camera
DefocusingIs triggered when the image sharpness is lost
BlindingRegisters a light beam directed at the lens
Camera shieldingReacts to the darkening of the image in case of closure of lens, failure of the lighting device
Changes the field of viewRegisters unauthorized rotates of the camera


  • Distributed Enterprises
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Safe City