SecurOS tools and modules updates in release 11.3

Key release notes: saving SecurOS System Dashboard data in MCC DC, viewing a long-term archive via SecurOS WebConnect, working with H.265 video in SecurOS Mobile, as well as neural network recognition of IMDG codes of ISO containers in SecurOS Cargo. A significant part of the updates is aimed at improving the convenience and speed of work for administrators and operators of SecurOS security systems.

SecurOS 11.3 Top News


  • Added ability to display field of camera view on the GIS;
  • Added ability to work with multiple Media Clients for a single GIS GUI;
  • Now SecurOS GIS users can save personal settings such as scaling maps, displaying names, states, camera’s field of view, etc.

SecurOS System Dashboard

You can now work with statistical data on the video cameras’ operation in remote systems and passports of these cameras in the Monitoring Center (SecurOS MCC Direct Connect) – in a single interface. In case of temporary interruptions in the network, a special technology for guaranteed data transfer ensures their consistency in the MCC DC.

SecurOS WebConnect

SecurOS users can now view a long-term archive through a web browser.

SecurOS Mobile

Implemented support for the SecurOS mobile application users to work with video in H.265 (HEVC) format.

Event Viewer

Implemented the ability to work with events from different time zones:

  • Time zones can now be displayed in the Time column;
  • Events sorting by time can be performed taking into account the time zone;
  • Events can also be searched based on the time zone.

And one more important event of the SecurOS 11.3 release

The network model of the kernel subsystem has been improved so that most modules and subsystems now require only one network port to connect.

Among other innovations of the current release, we can highlight the implementation of several changes in the SecurOS control panel, which increase the convenience of working with it, as well as the ability of EdgeStorage Gate to work with devices in networks with configured IP address spoofing.

SecurOSAuto 11.3 Top News

  • The vehicle type classification was updated. Added ability to apply different vehicle type classifications based on the particular region standards;
  • Added ability to work with Saudi Arabia license plates using both English and Arabic characters;
  • Several SecurOS Auto interface improvements have been made, aimed at improving the operators’ convenience;
  • For countries that are members of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia), a new license plate recognition algorithm has been implemented using neural network pattern detection and subsequent character recognition using machine vision algorithms;
  • Expanded the list of templates and improved the quality of license plate recognition for Oman and Ecuador.

SecurOS Cargo 11.3 Top News

Implemented recognition of container IMDG codes based on deep neural networks. The dangerous cargo class, which is marked with a corresponding code, is displayed in the operator interface and can be used to search for certain container passages.