SecurOS 11.2: Expanding the SecurOS functionality under Astra Linux and introducing more modern Deep Learning algorithms

Key release notes: SecurOS Computer Vision situational video analytics NN-detectors, SecurOS FaceX face recognition system porting to Astra Linux OS, license plate recognition for three new states in SecurOS Auto

SecurOS 11.2 Top News


  • Added ability to display the name, identifier, and the state of an object on the GIS map;
  • Added ability to sort search results by names or identifiers;
  • Implemented indication of cameras that are currently viewed on the linked Media Client;
  • For the convenience of the administrator’s work in the editing mode, now it is possible to filter out objects already placed on the GIS map.

SecurOS WebConnect

The main work on the improvements concerned improving the usability of the SecurOS web client when working with the map and alarms.

SecurOS FaceX

  • Now the video analytics face recognition module is available when using Astra Linux OS.
  • The ability to work with FaceX is also provided, operating in a remote system, from MCC – through the gateway.

SecurOS Computer Vision

Two new neural network detectors that operate more accurately than “classical” detectors, whose algorithms do not base on neural networks, appeared in the Computer Vision subsystem.

  • Occupancy counter. The detector recalculates the number of people in the control area with a certain frequency and gives: a) an information message containing data on the number of people, or b) an alarm – when the number of people exceeds along with data on their number.
  • Loitering detector. It captures all people in the detection zone and tracks their movement. Issues an alarm event if one (or more) person stays in the detection zone for longer than a certain period of time.

11.2 Release also includes viewing drilled-down data and graphs in the SecurOS System Dashboard, improvements to the Media Client main operator interface, and other useful improvements.

SecurOSAuto 11.2 Top News

  • SecurOS Auto has finally switched to the 64-bit version. The 32-bit version will no longer be supported.
  • The list of states whose license plates are recognized by SecurOS Auto is expanded with Cyprus, Honduras, and Uganda.
  • Implemented a whole set of improvements to the SecurOS Auto interface for working with checklists.
  • Expanded the list of templates and improves the quality of license plate recognition for Russia, Qatar, Bahrain, USA, and El Salvador.

More detailed information about this and other releases is available in SecurOS 11.2 Release Notes on the ISS website.