Release 11.1: SecurOS modules and tools updates

ISS presents the main events of the SecurOS 11.1 release: extended SecurOS GIS and SecurOS WebConnect functionality, as well as new recognized license plates in SecurOS Auto.

SecurOS 11.1 Top News


New features and improvements:

  • sending commands to cameras and ACS devices from the GIS interface;
  • transition to Media Client video using drag-and-drop of the object from the GIS interface;
  • transition to the Media Client video of a group of cameras by selecting the area on the GIS map;
  • red color highlighting the group of facilities if at least one of them is in the alarm mode;
  • support of Remote System objects in the GIS configured in the Monitoring and Control Center.


New functionalities:

  • added support of H.256 video in Microsoft Edge browser;
  • implemented ability to export video frames into image files;
  • added ability to select displayed video stream;
  • implemented support of IPv6 networking;
  • added ability to open video related to ACS objects located on the map.

In release 11.1, the operation of the core subsystem is enhanced due to an improved asynchronous data processing model, that provides the load balance. The result is increased stability and performance of configurations which include tens and hundreds of thousands of devices and software modules.

And many other improvements, including a new tool for developing web applications, which makes it possible to show, on command, the interface window anywhere on the screen or hide it, Media Client transition to 64-bit architecture, and support of all SecurOS Cluster components in networks with IPv6 addressing.

SecurOS Auto 11.1 Top News

In SecurOS Auto, work on multiprocessor servers with NUMA architecture has been optimized. The accuracy of detecting cars without license plates based on a neural network car detector has been improved. Moreover, in this release the list of recognized license plates was expanded by detecting plates from these countries:

  • UAE
  • Qatar

More detailed information about these and many other new functions is available in the SecurOS 11.1 Release Notes on the ISS website.