ISS at a Security Conference in Saudi Arabia

October 27, Riyadh Security Middle East, a leading professional security technology magazine in the Middle East, held an exclusive conference on "Innovation and Best Practices in Enterprise Security Solutions". The event is dedicated to the best practices and innovative solutions for physical security, and issues of improving the operational efficiency of related business processes. The conference partners were ISS, Intel, and BCDVideo.

Over 150 representatives of government agencies, vendors, system integrators, and large commercial customers took part in the event in person and online.

The key topics of discussion were smart cities, intelligent transportation systems, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things for Saudi Arabia’s security. The conference participants also discussed the future growth of the tourism industry associated with the vector of the Smart City development.

Participating in the discussion “Looking to the Future: Saudi Arabia 2030”, ISS representatives said that more and more customers want to control the situation at geographically dispersed facilities with maximum efficiency, which has given a new impetus to the development of single monitoring and control centers.

“Such centers are becoming more and more advanced. We already offer our customers a comprehensive solution that provides decision support, statistical information processing, and data visualization through dashboards,” noted the company’s speaker in his speech.