Release 10.9: SecurOS modules and tools update

Extended SecurOS web-client functionality, the transition of the Computer Vision detectors to the 64-bit architecture, TCP-connection encryption, and new license plate numbers in the SecurOS Auto module within the Release 10.9

SecurOS 10.9 Main News

SecurOS WebConnect

SecurOS main web-client innovations and improvements:

  • Added option to select one of three camera streams to display;
  • Automatic grouping of cameras in the list is supported;
  • Map icons scale automatically depending on the map image zoom, so that the map becomes more readable;
  • The extended list of map zoom levels;
  • The display of integrated ACS Bolid objects on the map is realized;
  • Ability to view live video from the cameras related to an ACS object;
  • Support of archive video playback for devices connected through EdgeStorage Gate.

SecurOS Computer Vision

All situational video analytics detectors within the Computer Vision subsystem have been updated. 

  • The subsystem is updated to 64-bit architecture. This makes it possible to increase the number of analytic channels supported by one video server;
  • Added ability to select camera stream used by detectors;
  • Added ability to configure object classification mode. Each classifier supports three modes that differentiate by accuracy and required processing power.

TCP-connection Protection

The client-server and server-server connection encryption is realized. The TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol is used to secure TCP connections between software modules. The encryption is performed for external connections (not localhost) of each video server and operator’s workstation. 

A number of tasks related to individual ISS projects were also informed. And among them is a new human body temperature software module. This module consolidates the data of integrated thermal cameras with the SecurOS FaceX operation results. The face coordinates in the frame are used for comparison with temperature measurements provided by thermal cameras. Based on the measurement results, a statement is assigned to a specific person.

In Release 10.9 you will find many other interesting innovations and improvements, including performance optimization for large configurations; subscription to events from HTML5 FrontEnd, and JSON-backups’ configurations.

SecurOS Auto 10.9 Main News

To the list of the states for which the list of recognized license plates has been extended by the countries of the Middle East: UAE, Oman, Qatar and others, USA, Mexico, and Ukraine. The new state in SecurOS Auto is Iraq.

More detailed information about this and other releases is available in SecurOS 10.9 Release Notes on the ISS website.