Forensic search using metadata from Tracking Kit in SecurOS 10.6 release

We would like to present to your attention major developments of the new SecurOS 10.6 release: forensic search using metadata form the video analytic detectors of the Computer Vision subsystem; a new level of support for hardware video decompression; demographic data display mode in the SecurOS FaceX operator interface.

SecurOS 10.6 Main News

Forensic search

The search functionality by using metadata from the video analytic detectors SecurOS Tracking Kit III of the Computer Vision subsystem has been implemented.

The operation principle: SecurOS constantly stores low-level information about the tracks and attributes of all objects that come in sight of the camera. The operator performing forensic research sets the necessary search parameters and the time interval then examines the results presented as a set of thumbnails. Having discovered the proper event, the operator with a single click can proceed to view the archived video.

In the current SecurOS release the following search parameters are supported:

  • Object class;
  • Object color;
  • Search region of interest (ROI);
  • Start time and end time of object presence in the search ROI;
  • Duration of the object dwell time in the search ROI;
  • Number of objects simultaneously present in the search ROI.

SecurOS FaceX

New features and improvements are included in the current release:

  • Added ability to display demographic data and other additional information in the operator interface: age, gender, presence of glasses, hair and facial hair, etc;
  • Increased accuracy of spoofing detection algorithm;
  • Added the ability to search for recognition results related to a specific person.

Hardware video decompression

The support for hardware video decompression has been completely redesigned based on Microsoft DirectX 11. Now hardware video decompression of H.264 and H.265 video formats is available not only on Operator Workstations, but also on Videoservers. Besides, SecurOS can now use the hardware capabilities of IntelHD Graphics and Nvidia graphics cards for video decompression.


The ability to switch between Working mode and Standby mode has been added to the software module of the under vehicle surveillance system. In Standby mode, the built-in illumination of the scanning UVSS platform works with reduced energy consumption.

And many other interesting innovations and improvements, including the modernized SecurOS media archive recording structure, the redesigned integration of Bolid access control system, and new features of SecurOS Cyber Security.

SecurOS Auto 10.6 Main News

The list of recognized license plates is expanded and the quality of recognition is improved for Bulgaria, Qatar, UAE, Mexico, Palestine, Paraguay, Russia, Saint Lucia, USA, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

More detailed information about this and other releases is available in SecurOS 10.4 Release Notes on the ISS website.