ISS at Intersec Middle East 2020

ISS took part in Intersec Middle East, one of the largest trade fair for security, safety and fire protection in Dubai, 19-21 January 2020.

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd. prepared a demonstration of innovative solutions in video management and video analytics field, specialized hardware-software complexes based on SecurOS.

The mount’s visitors gave special attention to the under vehicle surveillance system SecurOS UVSS. A new version of the UVSS-platform is fitted out with a magnetic field sensor, that allows to detect any bugs fixed on a magnet in places inaccessible for visual inspection. ISS specialists organized a clear demonstration of the system working process. The trade fair’s visitors made a point of the technical solution’s innovativeness and high-quality image of a vehicle’s undersides.

The guests also made out of the convolutional neural network based face recognition module SecurOS FaceX. The visitors could make a photo and store their images in the face recognition system base. Then a visitor could instantly go through the turnstile, according to the result of facial biometrics processing. Among other things, SecurOS FaceX provides face change protection: the system understands whether a person’s face or a photo is in the frame.

A solution such as this drastically improves the carrying capacity of the checkpoint, providing a level of security that meets all the requirements of a restricted access facility. In addition to the single-factor authentication, SecurOS FaceX ensures the interoperability with ACS and performs multi factor authentication. For example, a pass based on the results of processing smart card data and face recognition video analytics.

One more intellectual video analytics module SecurOS Auto was demonstrated to the guests of the Intersec 2020 trade fair. A camera pointed at the screen with successive license plates transferred a video stream to the server, and recognized UAE license plates were instantly displayed in the SecurOS Auto operator interface.

In 2018 ISS received a SIRA certificate (Security Industry Regulatory Agency – Government of Dubai), that confirms the full compliance of SecurOS Auto, SecurOS video management platform and the specialized camera SecurOS Motus with the requirements of law enforcement agencies.

The trade fair has become a great opportunity to find new business partners and present the latest developments of the company. Intersec Middle East 2020 is the largest triad fair for security, safety and fire protection in the countries of the Middle East. More than 1200 exhibitors from 56 countries took part in Intersec Middle East 2020. Over the three days of the exhibition, more than 33 thousand visitors were registered.