User actions audit subsystem SecurOS AuditTrail in SecurOS 10.5

SecurOS 10.5 Main News

SecurOS AuditTrail

New user actions audit subsystem provides gathering information about the actions of users and SecurOS administrators and storing it into the specialized database. All the actions of SecurOS operators and administrators affecting critical system data are recorded, including system administration, SecurOS operators’ and SecurOS Auto operators’ activities.

AuditClient utility was created to review and filter SecurOS AuditTrail data plus export results. Implemented specialized API for authorized access to SecurOS AuditTrail data from third-party systems.

ONVIF Cybersecurity

Included support of the:

  • https-tunneling for video, audio, PTZ-cameras control commands and I/O;
  • digest-autorization.

HTML5 FrontEnd

New integration mechanism designed to embed web-applications into SecurOS. It allows to execute applications, developed according to HTML5 standard, by the SecurOS built-in Chromium browser engine.

And many other interesting features and improvements, including the support of Windows Server 2019; the enhancements of the SecurOS FaceX watchlists for quick registration of visitors in an access control system and more convenient customization process of ActiveDirectory and LDAP.

SecurOS Auto 10.5 Main News

The list of recognized license plates is expanded and the quality of recognition is improved for Columbia, Costa Rica, UAE, Oman and the USA.