Additional abilities of SecurOS Map for perimeter protection system

New developments in the SecurOS 10.3 R1 release

SecurOS Map

2D SecurOS maps can be used to enable work with the perimeter protection system:

  • Segments of perimeter protection system are now displayed on the Map as interactive lines.
  • Points of intrusion are indicated with special markers.

SecurOS receives the configuration of the perimeter protection system. It also provides visualization of the entire control area as well as of its selected segments on the Map, associates a group of IP-cameras with a proper zone in order to provide a visual control.


In case of intrusion into the perimeter control area, SecurOS operator receives an alarm. The SecurOS Map interface displays the corresponding segments and markers (pulsatile points) to narrow down the points of intrusion. The operator can display video stream received from the group of cameras connected with a proper segment on the computer screen. Working off the alarms in carried out in accord with the regulations existing at the enterprise.


Within the 10.3 R1 release the SecurOS operator is provided with the following features:

  • arm / disarm the region;
  • arm / disarm the zone;
  • display all the IP-cameras connected to the area in the Media Client by clicking on the event in the Events Log;
  • centralize the map by clicking on the alarm location.

The expansion of the SecurOS Map functional is going to be represented in the following releases.