New application for setup and monitoring of SecurOS Cluster configurations in SecurOS 10.3

We would like to present you major developments of the new SecurOS 10.3 release: multifunctional application SecurOS Server Manager for administrating cluster and classic configurations, new crucial features of the SecurOS UVSS complex, new recognize license plates in SecurOS Auto, etc.

SecurOS 10.3 Main news

SecurOS Server Manager

Starting from SecurOS 10.3 release all SecurOS administrators can use a special application that was created in order to setup and monitor SecurOS Cluster configurations as well as classic SecurOS configurations (without clasterization). Server Manager is a standalone application that allows to set up one or several independent SecurOS configurations simultaneously.

Within the new tool SecurOS administrator can:

  • Create new clusters or disable clusterization;
  • Relocate virtual videoservers (Nodes) between physical servers (Hosts), select priority Hosts for Nodes;
  • Temporary put out the cluster performance and switch off videoservers to perform updates or technical support service of a system;
  • Set up local physical drivers for archive video recording;
  • Restore system’s configuration from a backup file;
  • Monitor current state of Nodes and Hosts (as well as videoservers’ state in classic configuration), status of connection to the Configuration Server, etc.

Learn more about SecurOS Server Manager capabilities in an updated video presentation about SecurOS Cluster:


A crucial function of automatic comparison with a pattern is implemented in the Under Vehicle Surveillance System SecurOS UVSS. SecurOS UVSS automatically detects anomalies on the car bottom image in comparison with the template previously stored in database. Highlighting of anomalies helps UVSS operators to locate suspicious objects on the car bottom image.

SecurOS Desktop Editor

New tool for SecurOS administrators allows to configure Desktops faster and easier by editing layout of SecurOS Desktop (change size and move any GUI elements) and moving GUI elements between multiple physical displays.

SecurOS Auto 10.3 Main news

The list of recognized license plates was expanded and the quality of recognition has been improved:

  • Territory of Guam
  • Saint Lucia
  • Republic of Costa Rica
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Oman

And many other improvements including new capabilities of SecurOS integration interfaces, Media Client updates, new configurations of integration of servers and Operator Workstations that allow to optimize technology for the large SecurOS configurations with heavy event flow.