New SecurOS Cluster capabilities in the SecurOS 10.1 release

We would like to present you major developments of the new SecurOS 10.1 release: new SecurOS Cluster capabilities in order to support systems with special configurations, new technology of working with the implemented devices’ video archives – SecurOS EdgeStorage Gate; new Databases Replicator for SecurOS Auto.

Breaking news SecurOS 10.1

SecurOS Cluster

Starting from the SecurOS 10.1 release SecurOS Cluster supports high-availability systems with special configurations:

  • Сonfiguration consisting of two video servers where one video server provides failover to another one.
  • Configuration where standby video servers installed in a datacenter provide failover to a number of video servers installed in distributed locations. In this special configuration, only cluster members located in the datacenter participate in quorum-based voting. This way Cluster is not affected by the connection loss issues.

SecurOS EdgeStorage Gate

New way of working with the on-board video archive of cameras and other devices. EdgeStorage Gate provides SecurOS operator with a direct access to the device’s local video archive directly. EdgeStorage Gate allows Media Client to:

  • playback remote device archive
  • fast forward with speed up to 32x
  • navigate the video archive using timeline
  • export or print video frame

Current realization of EdgeStorage Gate is based on the ONVIF Profile G standard.

SecurOS MCC Direct Connect: Video Gate

Implemented live video re-streaming feature for MCC DC. Video Gate allows to considerably reduce the network consumption between Remote Systems and Monitoring Center. A Video Gate receives single live video stream from Remote System camera and then re-streams it to a certain number of Monitoring Center operator workstations where this camera is displayed.


New integration interface developed in order to connect access control and fire alarm systems to SecurOS ACS module. ACS SDK allows developers to use the full list of SecurOS ACS module capabilities, including classification of received events using Markers, display of detailed card information and cardholder photo, etc. ACS SDK integration interface is implemented as an extension of UInP. This way, developers can improve existing ACS integrations with minimum effort.

Breaking news SecurOS Auto 10.1

Database Replicator

Long-awaited feature is real now. New module is designed in order to synchronize the recognition results from several local databases with the dedicated central aggregating database. Database Replicator provides local data reservation; that function is crucial within distributed SecurOS configurations. In case of temporary loss of connection between central and local servers, Database Replicator synchronizes all data when the connection is restored.

The list of recognized license plate numbers is expanded:

  • Police license plate numbers of the Palestine region are added;
  • Quality of Thai license plate numbers is added, including motorcycle numbers;
  • Costa Rican government license plate numbers are added;
  • Recognition of American license plate numbers of the State of Louisiana, the Commonwealth of Virginia and the District of Columbia was added;
  • Recognition of ne Brazilian license plate numbers of Mercosur format is implemented;
  • The most common license plate numbers of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Shri Lanka are added;
  • Quality of recognition is improved for double row Malaysian license plate numbers.