Safe Mexico City

Latin America's largest SecurOS-based security system


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, the largest city in North America. The urban agglomeration is home to over 21 million people.


Totalplay Telecomunicaciones

Solution composition

  • SecurOS Enterprise VMS
  • Situational monitoring and control center based on SecurOS MCC
  • SecurOS Auto license plate recognition
  • SecurOS VideoServers
  • SecurOS WorkStations

Project goal

Creating comprehensive security and law enforcement system on the territory of Mexico City


Mexico City has set up the C5 Integrated Security Situation Monitoring and Control Center to quickly respond to emergencies and promptly assist the public. The system’s software core is the SecurOS platform, which powers 65,000 surveillance cameras.

Every day the city streets have situations that require an immediate response: over 5 thousand calls are made to the emergency number 911 and the anonymous hotline 089. The C5 registers calls and routes them to the appropriate emergency services, and ensures coordination between city and federal agencies for prompt action to protect and assist citizens. The Center also employs 30 medically qualified staff members. If necessary, they are immediately put on the phone for advice, they explain how to behave and what to do until an ambulance arrives.

Residents can also call for help or report an accident using the 13,000 emergency terminals installed on the streets of Mexico City. In addition, there are over 14,000 locations in the city equipped with systems called “Totem”, each containing two video surveillance cameras, an emergency call button, and an emergency lighting and alarm system.

The C5 operates over 700 SecurOS Auto license plate recognition cameras. If a license plate number listed in the vehicle search database – as stolen or involved in a crime – is detected, an alarm message is generated and a C5 operator immediately transmits the data to the Mexico City police patrol service.

The C5 contains two mobile situation monitoring and control centers. These are trucks equipped with computers, communication systems, and other required equipment. The special vehicles help control the situation on the spot during public events.

The city is situated 2,240 meters above sea level and surrounded by mountains on all sides; it regularly experiences small tremors and sometimes earthquakes. The C5 receives data from the seismic warning system; there are over 13,000 loudspeakers installed in the streets to warn citizens of earthquakes.

It is crucial that the C5 operate smoothly so that no significant event is left unnoticed. For this purpose, the video servers in the center are configured in a cluster that supports failover and recovery. If one of the cluster servers fails, a backup server automatically kicks in, preventing data loss.

The main purpose of the C5 is to ensure the safety of city residents and visitors. The Center has significantly reduced the response time to citizens’ complaints and increased the efficiency of emergency services when dealing with incidents.


The Russian office team trained the customer’s specialists and integrators on how to configure and operate the SecurOS security system. Engineers from the ISS Mexico office provide 24-hour technical support. The integrator Totalplay Telecomunicaciones has created a dedicated ticketing system and provides a “quick response” to the customer’s requests.