New ISS security system in the São Paulo subway

Situational video surveillance ensures a high level of security and public order

The São Paulo subway, the first and largest one in Brazil, consists of 89 stations joined by 6 lines, one of which is a monorail. The passenger traffic is 5 million people a day.

Solution composition

The Project’s Overview

Previously, the subway had a video surveillance system based on analog cameras with very low resolution and image quality that was clearly inadequate to view details or understand the situation and ensure full passenger safety at the stations.

The new São Paulo subway security system based on the SecurOS will include more than five thousand video surveillance IP cameras. This will greatly increase the level of current situational awareness throughout the subway. The system will monitor station lobbies, platforms, escalators, passageways, and adjacent areas, as well as substations and service rooms.

Today, video surveillance cameras have been put into operation on the red subway line. Now, the subway data center is being upgraded, which will increase the video storage time to thirty days.

The security system is used to control public order, detect and prevent theft, hooliganism and vandalism. Intelligent video surveillance reduces the emergency services’ response time to incidents and makes the subway safer for passengers. Video analytics based on artificial intelligence technology instantly detects incidents, such as a person falling on the rails or entering a maintenance area where unauthorized persons are not allowed, and transmits alerts to the Monitoring Center. Facial recognition helps find missing people. Based on the data received from the video subsystem and video analytics modules, and from other subsystems integrated into the SecurOS, the system automatically generates action scenarios for employees who are at the stations. They provide a faster and more efficient way to take appropriate measures and minimize damage or even prevent the incident from occurring.