Mexico’s Resorts Protected by SecurOS

A state of the art ISS security system will raise the level of public order in Quintana Roo, Mexico

The Solution

  • 2200 cameras powered by the SecurOS video management platform
  • Video analytics system for license plate recognition SecurOS Auto
  • Situational video analytics detectors SecurOS Computer Vision
  • Video analytics system for facial recognition SecurOS FaceX
  • Monitoring and Control Center
  • 120 workstations
  • VideoWall

The Solution’s Overview

On June 24, 2021, the C5 Integrated Security Situation Monitoring and Control Center opened in the state capital, Quintana Roo. The 5,600-square-meter high-tech center is located just minutes away from Cancun International Airport.

The security system, which includes the Monitoring and Control Center, is created to increase the level of public safety and reduce the risks of emergencies. Its main objective is to lower crime rates by enabling the emergency services to immediately respond to security alerts.

The C5 integrated security system, based on the SecurOS integration platform, operates video surveillance cameras installed throughout the state, mainly in Cancun and Chetumal. It monitors roads, intersections, and popular tourist locations. The state police control more than 2,200 surveillance cameras, including 450 PTZ cameras. Statewide, there are also 450 alarm buttons installed, as well as video analytics systems for facial recognition SecurOS FaceX, for situational awareness SecurOS Computer Vision, for license plate recognition SecurOS Auto — to detect vehicles on the wanted list.

The video data are continuously fed to C5 operators. The Center has over 120 workstations and a video wall. Operators can quickly locate incidents, effectively coordinate the actions of the emergency services, and make the best decisions in difficult situations.

The functionality of the system makes it possible to respond to calls related to public safety issues effectively and facilitate the provision of emergency medical care.

Receiving an alert message or watching a video, C5 employees determine the nature of the incident and proceed according to the instructions. To clarify the situation, the operator can watch live video from video cameras installed near the scene, or video archives stored on video servers of the security system.

The C5 Center closely cooperates with federal authorities in programs aimed at combating extortion and drug trafficking. A special emphasis is placed on areas with high crime rates. The police have already noted a downward trend in the number of crimes. According to the state government, in the first four months of this year, robberies have dropped by 33%, murders — by 24%.

The investment in the creation of the complex is almost 376 million pesos (18.8 million U.S. dollars). The C5 is one of the most advanced and high-tech security centers in all of Latin America.