Customer count system for shopping mall based on the SecurOS Video Management Platform

Safety control (adherence to the principle of social distancing) in a shopping mall in accordance with the restrictive measures in a pandemic


Khalidiyah Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Khalidiyah Mall, a three-tier shopping and entertainment center, is located in Al-Khalidiyah, which is the most prestigious area of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. On an area of 86,000 square meters, there are more than 120 shops, banks, cafes and restaurants, a cinema, a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, and a children’s play center. Khalidiyah Mall was opened in January 2007 and is managed by Lulu Group International.


Eumecon IT Systems LLC

Implementation task

Control of incoming traffic and shopping mall loading management by visitors to comply with the restrictive measures for the permitted number of persons inside the premises.

Solution composition

  • 11 IP-cameras (Axis, Uniview) managed by SecurOS Premium
  • Situational Awareness Video Analytics SecurOS Computer Vision: object counter
  • SecurOS video server
  • Operator’s workstation

Solution description

With COVID-19 incidence tightly controlled in 2020, shopping malls in Abu Dhabi were able to reopen only if they have complied with the additional regulatory safety requirements. One of the main requirements was the provision of a social distance between visitors, so the shopping mall should be filled by visitors to not more than 30% of the total capacity of the facility.

The use of the SecurOS video analytics detector Object counter allowed Khalidiyah Mall to solve this issue. The number of people entering and leaving the mall is displayed in the SecurOS real-time interface. If the number of visitors exceeds the maximum allowed value, the system generates an alert and transmits the alert to the operator. The operator contacts security officers on duty to temporarily shut down the entrances. The system also allows configuring security alerts via the Telegram bot.

Every day SecurOS draws an hourly statistical mall occupancy report on visitors’ arrivals and departures. At the end of each working day, the security officer of the Khalidiyah Mall sends this report to the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, which is responsible for supervising compliance with restrictions on the occupancy of shopping centers.

In the future, the customer plans to use statistical data to analyze the Khalidiyah Mall loading by weekdays, months, and seasons to better manage marketing campaigns, technical work schedule at the shopping mall.

Completed work

The SecurOS object counter system was installed and configured by the ISS specialists with the integrator in the shortest time possible, which was highly crucial to the customer: the shopping mall could not open without daily confirmation of compliance with the established standards to the maximum level of occupancy.