Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry SecurOS products-based security system

ISS implemented a project designed for equipping the headquarters of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry with biometric access control and staff time tracking system

Customer: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dubai Chamber is a public non-profit organization which purpose is to represent, support, and protect the interests of the business community in Dubai. Dubai Chamber serves as an information and research center and aims to facilitate companies run their business in the emirate by facilitating the Dubai mission to become an international business center. By the beginning of 2020, the number of members of the Chamber was more than 245 thousand participants, representing all sectors of the economy. The Chamber has a number of offices in other countries.

Object: Headquarters of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, located in a high-rise office building in a Dubai business district

Integrator: Johnson Controls (JCI)

Solution composition

  • More than 300 video surveillance cameras managed by SecurOS Enterprise
  • 8 metadata access control system controllers SecurOS ProxCom 211 ACS Metadata Controller
  • SecurOS FaceX video analytics face recognition module
  • 8 facial recognition IP-cameras (Samsung, Axis) for single-factor authentication

Solution tasks

  • Ensuring high-security level in the building through access control for staff and visitors;
  • Automated staff time recording.

Solution description

About 300 IP-cameras operate at the headquarters of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry managed by the SecurOS video management platform. Operational monitoring of the current situation is carried out in all functional areas, in the hall, and in parking areas.

The video archive continuality, preservation, and access within 30 days are provided by SecurOS Cluster technology that supports the interchangeability of servers. If the physical server fails, the SecurOS virtual video server automatically moves to the backup server. Since the video surveillance system has already proved its effectiveness, further steps to implement intelligent video analysis were delivered to ISS.

Smart ACS cards were used to access the building by staff members. Nevertheless, there was a risk that the staff member would hand over his card to an outsider. A separate system, biometric terminals with built-in fingerprint scanners, was used to record staff working hours at the Dubai Chamber office entrances. In opposition to the smart card, the biometric identifier is inseparable from the human, so it cannot be passed on, forgotten, or lost. However, under strict COVID-19 dissemination control, fingerprint authentication is considered an unhygienic and unsafe method for identifying. Moreover, during the peak hours at the Dubai Chamber entrances where more than 130 employees work, queues occurred.

This is precisely why Dubai Chamber management decided to upgrade the control system by abolishing two separate components and organizing a single factor (recognized face) authentication system. This allowed control of the access to the building and record the staff working time at the same time.

The Dubai Chamber building’s entrance groups – central, service, VIP, and parking entrances. The input groups managed by the Johnson Controls P2000 ACS were equipped with facial recognition access cameras and with the metadata ACS controller SecurOS ProxCom 211 to link ACS identifier to the biometric data of the identified person. The SecurOS FaceX face recognition system was integrated with ACS as well as the specialized software for staff working time recording with recording entry and exit date and time.

Two operator workstations were configured for the security officers.

Solution advantages

  • Non-contact authentication.
  • Authentication on the go: there is no need to especially stop and look at the camera.
  • Guarantee of the authenticity of biometric data: SecurOS FaceX uses face spoofing technology which monitors cases when a real person’s face is switched with a photograph or video on a mobile device.
  • One solution for two tasks (access control and time management) saves resources, simplifies the implementation and maintenance of the security hardware and software package.

Development perspectives

The Dubai Chamber headquarters is planning further facility’s expansion. The new 5-story building next to the main building has spacious working spaces, recreation areas, parking facilities for 330 vehicles. The entrance units of the building will also soon be equipped with a SecurOS single-factor authentication system.