SecurOS Auto in Oman. Automation of checkpoints in a residential area of Muskat

ISS solution for monitoring and accounting of vehicles to ensure a comfortable and safe entry of residents and guests to the territory of the residential area Al Mouj Muscat


Al Mouj Muscat is a multifunctional luxury coastal complex located in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The residential area also includes a marina for 400 yachts, beach and swimming pools, golf course, as well as areas for entertainment, family and recreation zones, sports venues, plenty of hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.


Bahwan IT (Bahwan Information Technology LLC) is one of the leading companies of the Suhail Bahwan Group Holding LLC, founded in 1984.

Implementation tasks

  • Organization of comfortable passage to the area for residents and guests of Al Mouju Muscat
  • Prevention of entry of vehicles to the territory without license plates in the permitted list, without checking

Project’s composition

  • 11 IP-cameras Huawei under SecurOS Enterprise
  • Video-analytic module for license plate recognition SecurOS Auto
  • SecurOS video servers 

Project description

The entry to the housing complex is accessible through 5 checkpoints. All checkpoints are equipped with Huawei cameras and the SecurOS Auto license plate recognition system. Entry is carried out through two barriers on the principle of a gateway, which allows effective control of the entrance areas, allowing only one car to pass through.

When the vehicle approaches the checkpoint, the SecurOS Auto video analytic module receives a video stream from a Huawei camera, recognizes its license plate, and checks the presence of a license plate in the list of vehicles allowed to enter. When the recognized license plate is found in the database, SecurOS transmits a command to open the external barrier and the car passes. The barrier is lowered, and the automobile turns up in the gateway between two barriers. Then the internal barrier opens and the vehicle can now enter the area.

The external barrier for the next vehicle will open only after the previous car has left “the lock” and the internal barrier is closed behind it. The system of double barriers excludes cases when a car that does not have access to the territory tries to enter behind a car that is allowed to enter.

Besides a resident’s car is allowed into the complex if the license plate recognition date is between the start of the real state lease and its end. A resident whose contract has expired will not be able to enter.

On the Al Mouj Muscat web portal an application for the admission of guests’ cars, as well as service companies serving the area, delivering goods can be filled out. SecurOS Auto provides automatic admission to the territory of the cars for which the application was made.

Automation of the pass at the checkpoint made it possible to ensure full control and accounting of cars, including to ensure their safety, as well as the convenient and safe entry for residents and guests of Al Mouj Muscat.

Completed work

Within the framework of the project, ISS and integrator’s specialists have completed all work on the automation of checkpoints:

  • pre-design survey of the facility,
  • equipment installation and start-up work,
  • system testing and debugging.