Safe City Porto Novo, Brazil

176 Pelco & Axis cameras, Traffic Management System Integration, ISS Smart Video Wall, Virtualized System, SecurOS Enterprise platform are the key Features of PORTO NOVO Safe City project

Porto Maravilha is the main road connecting Galeão Airport and Santos Dumont Airport.

Project’s History

The Porto Maravilha is considered one of the largest projects of urban revitalization in the world comprising of urban mobility, construction of new tunnels, traffic restructuring BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), and historical/cultural projects among projects. The goals of this venture were two-fold; to both revitalize and increase the security and management for a specific region of Rio de Janeiro which was once totally degraded and abandoned.

The biggest challenge was to implement the system during the revitalization of this area along with the ongoing preparations for the start of the Olympic games — the expected delivery time. For that to happen, our local team was meticulously involved with installing, configuring and adjusting the system together with Honeywell.

Tailored Solution

The adopted solution used virtual servers installed via outsourced datacenters from L3 – a premier global communications provider headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, that provides communications services to enterprise, government and carrier customers. Through a dedicated fiber optical link, the operators based in Porto Maravilha in Rio de Janeiro, can access the servers and view images from the entire region including the revitalized area, roadways, and other transport systems. The solution also features tunnel monitoring and an integration with an incident detection system. ISS was subcontracted to support the integrator during the activation of the system to control the tunnel and for the implementation of the scheme within the datacenter.


Installed and Operating; leveraging the integration with Traficon and Failover. ISS upgraded the integration interface with an incident detection system. With system monitoring and incident detection in place, events involving the areas covered by the cameras required less staff monitoring but kept pace with pin-point accuracy.

The easy-to-work system allows for the operator:

  • to receive an event alarm
  • to select the impacted area/camera
  • to view the type of event
  • to classify and provide the necessary support to manage said event

Future Prospects

The future looks bright for both Porto Maravilha and ISS. Integration with a tunnel automation system is currently slated for production in 2018.