Intelligent Transport System LAMSA, Linha Amarela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

220 Axis & Pelco cameras, SecurOS Enterprise, Barco Video Wall Integration, Virtualized System, Integration w/Height Detection Sensor, Command Center are used now to provide LAMSA security

Linha Amarela SA – LAMSA – was one of the first highways to use the ISS system in Brazil. To improve the management and reduce the service time in case of incidents in the main metropolitan highway of the State of Rio de Janeiro, LAMSA – Linha Amarela was built in mountainous regions with several tunnels linking the Galeão Airport to the South Zone.

Project’s History

LAMSA recently took on a total restructuring of their operation center, including updates to the ISS systems, all in hopes to guarantee efficiency during the Rio Olympic summer games. It was the main access road to many Olympic sites, various hotels, and residences of Olympic athletes. LAMSA efficiently rebuilt the entire monitoring center and expanded camera coverage, especially in tunnels. They also upgraded their incident detection systems, installed a new video wall system, and made sure all integrated systems were updated with the latest version of SecurOS TM. In this instance, ISS was subcontracted to assist in the complete upgrade of the LAMSA system.

Tailored Solution

The solution features virtualized servers installed in a datacenter with a Barco video wall. The cameras target highways and tunnels, which promote a Citilog incident detection solution (not Integrated with ISS). LAMSA highway has heavy dump truck traffic due to the ongoing civil engineering projects in the area -leading to the installation of height detectors. These detectors integrate with ISS software. They warn operators via alarms and share POP UP images of vehicles exceeding the height limit. The goal is to restrict the number of new accidents on this very busy highway.


Implemented and Fully Operational. More lives have been saved after the installation of the monitoring system. With this system, it is possible to swiftly visualize, identify and specify what type of action is necessary for any given incident.

Future Prospects

New features are being studied by LAMSA to improve the operation, such as integration with Citilog to detect incidents in the tunnels.