About us

ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd. is the leading International vendor of solutions for implementation of integrated security and automation of technology and logistic processes.

Operating in IT since 1996, R&D division of ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd. has developed a range of software solutions ans software-hardware systems for support of object security and increase in efficiency of customers’ business processes. On its basis, ISS develops specific application-oriented solutions that correspond to individual tasks of each control object to the full extent.

ISS technologies provide tight interoperability with the hardware designed for video surveillance, access control systems, fire and life safety, and others, and can be made compatible with virtually any third-party security equipment and software platforms.

On a regular basis, ISS develops relations with key vendors of hardware for video surveillance and security systems, as well as with developers of specialized software solutions. Technological partnership resulted in the creation of new, deeply integrated hardware-and-software systems developed with due regard to common requirements of the modern market and adaptation to the conditions of specific industries.

Thanks to vast experience of federal scale project implementation and management, expert knowledge of ISS specialists is actively applied at all stages of project implementation: from surveys to support during operation.

As of now, ISS possesses one of the most complete and technologically proven offers in the market. Its portfolio contains tens of thousands of successfully implemented projects for various commercial and public organizations:

  • Safe City / Smart City
  • Traffic Violations Detection
  • Critical infrastructure, Industrial facilities
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Transport logistics
  • Sporting venue and Cultural assets
  • Banking & Finance
  • Retail, Casinos, etc.

ISS employs about 300 people. A partnership network comprises some thousands system integrators around the globe.

With its innovative technologies ISS Corporation Pte. Ltd. developes case-by-case robust solutions enabled to protect people, infrastructure, and facilities worldwide.

The Most Significant Ratings And Statuses

  • IHS Markit

  • Axis Gold Application Development Partner